World travel and student loan

If you want to travel the world

Tip # 1: Use Credit Card Glasses

If you want to travel the world, but student loan debt holds you back, one way to help pay for the trip is to use credit card points using a method called “knock down credit cards.” In essence, you sign up for new credit cards, fulfill the minimum expense requirements, and earn register bonuses and points.

You can do some research to find the best cards for you, but I only recommend this way if you have no credit card debt and you have a lot of discipline when it comes to spending.

When done responsibly, the strategic use of rewards indicates a great way to travel on the cheap. I myself have done this many times to get free airfares and free hotel rooms.

Tip number 2: work remotely

In our technological age, there are so many ways to work remotely, from opening your own online business to conducting online lessons and freelancing.

When you work remotely, you do not need to bind yourself with a rental or mortgage. You can live in different places month after month, stay at home, surf, and find many other ways to get housing on the cheap. At the same time, while you work and earn money, you can afford to live and pay your bills.

This requires a certain organization, but by working remotely (and regularly!), You can pay bills on time and visit new places.

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If you want to start a family

Tip # 1: Create an Emergency Fund

You can create a family, even if you have a student loan debt. I had children, although we have six-digit student loan debt, but I planned it very carefully. The best thing I have done and that I recommend to anyone who wants to become a parent is to create an emergency fund.

My husband and I saved $ 10,000 in a fund specifically designed for the child. Then we learned that we have twins, and we were so grateful that we saved so much. Between medical expenses, delivery and initial child expenses (bottles, cribs, clothes, etc.) We completely destroyed our savings fund of $ 10,000 only in the first few weeks when our children were near.

In general, before you have children, you need a strong emergency fund. This gives you flexibility in case you have problems with payment or if you have emergency medical care with children.

Tip number 2: buy a used

A common opinion is that children are incredibly expensive – and they certainly can be. However, people often overspend. Children do not need new clothes or every toy on the market.

Buying used things is often a good idea, because growing children almost never wear their clothes more than a few times each. I donated a lot of outfits that my children outgrown before they could wear them.

When it came to security items such as car seats and cots, we bought them new ones. But almost everything else we bought was used, and our children are fine. This way you can save a lot of money and use it to pay off a student loan.

You can have it all
The bottom line is that you can have everything if you plan it. I was able to have children and travel, although I have a student loan debt. We make concerted efforts to reduce the burden on student loans payments every month, but we have two beautiful children, and we like to take them to see new places.

We have reduced in many areas, such as buying used ones and doing without TV over the past few years. We also live a full life in which we make an informed choice of money, stick to the budget and pay our bills on time.

In order for you to have all of this, also make sure that you do not live far beyond your means. If you want to buy a house, focus on this goal. If you want to have children, save this emergency fund. Be strategic in choosing money, stick to your budget and make a plan. If you do this, you will be surprised at how much you can achieve, even paying off a student loan debt.

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