There are conspiracy theories that trying to figure out why our phones and computers slow down over time. People suggest that manufacturers consciously lower the performance of older devices with software updates. There is no evidence for that theory. However, hardware does not typically slow down over its life. Instead, there are several other reasons why phones and computers start to appear slowly over time. The good news is that you can often yield to improve your current device’s performance.


Memory Boost

As operating systems continuously have significant redesigns, each time they update software, apps typically become larger and with more features.  All that extra functionality requires your device to do more computation than it did before. In that case, it doesn’t magically keep it up, it has less spare capacity available to respond you quickly.


To make apps run faster, designers make them store copies of things in RAM. maybe the user might want to see again. For example, a browser might hold a copy of the content in each tab, even if one tab is visible at a time. Known as caching, this makes things work much faster — till your system runs out of memory


It’s also common for useful software to be accompanied by crapware that uses system resources and affects performance. Extra software can slow a system down in many ways: filling up permanent storage or RAM. All these factors can result in the system having fewer resources available to respond to you quickly.


Another likelihood is that malware —  viruses, spams use some of the performing capacities of your device.

All in all, an older model phone is not able to match the performance of the latest smartphone, as newer devices have faster components. But with a little effort, you can get the most out of your current device. The zero-cost action you can take is to uninstall unnecessary apps and add-ons. Or it may be more useful to simply perform a factory reset and reinstall the operating system from the start, adding only the apps you need.

Source https://www.rocketfix.com/phones-computers-slowdown-overtime/

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