Where is it easier to get a license for an online casino?

Where is it easier to get a license for an online casino?

There are dozens of jurisdictions in the world where you can open both ground and online business in the field of excitement. When planning the launch of the gambling business, many are considering the option of online gambling, because it requires less start-up and promotion costs. However, in many countries, online gambling is prohibited by law. If you open your own online casino in a certain country is impossible for one or another legal reason, there is a second option: register your gambling business in the offshore zone and obtain an international license for online gambling. Each offshore territory has its own regulation of the gambling business; The cost of a license for this type of activity and tax rate also differ. We offer to consider popular gambling jurisdictions in which it is easiest to open an online casino.

Antigua and Barbuda
Registration fee – $ 15,000

Annual fee – $ 100,000

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This gambling jurisdiction is one of the most expensive for conducting gambling business. The gaming department of the FSRC provides two types of licenses for gambling: the first is suitable for interactive companies, including online casinos, and the second for interactive trading companies. On average, the application process takes up to 60 days.

Before opening an online casino in Antigua and Barbuda, the licensee must pay at least $ 100,000. This fee will be used to support responsible gaming. The annual fee for the monitoring system is $ 25,000 per license. In addition, the licensee must place on the site a banner warning users about the risks associated with gambling. It should also contain information with contacts of organizations that can help cope with the mess.

Registration fee – € 2000

Monthly fee – € 1500

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Curacao offers the fastest and cheapest solution to open online casinos. The process of obtaining a license for gambling takes only 6 weeks. This can be done in two ways: first, you can apply for a basic license covering all types of games, software vendors and product operators. The second way is to get a sub-license to work under the auspices of the main license. This provides the same rights as the main licensees, but makes it impossible to offer your sub-licenses.

If the gambling business is registered in another country, you can apply for a special permit Ezone to take advantage of a low income tax rate of 2% and a tax of 0% on gross rates.

Curacao is a good choice for companies that want to open their online casino as soon as possible. They can get a “fast” license for Curaçao, waiting for approval of their application in another gambling jurisdiction.

Registration fee – € 2230

Annual fee – € 8500

Malta is a large and reputable gambling jurisdiction offering affordable rates for companies. The rules imply four classes of licenses for remote games depending on the type of business (online casinos, lotteries, online games and bets, poker, software providers, etc.). Licenses are valid for five years.

The tax on games in Malta may vary depending on the class of license. Most often, the organization of online games requires a class 1 license. In this case, gambling taxes are € 4,660 per month for the first six months, and then they rise to € 7,000 per month. The minimum share capital required to obtain a class 1 license is € 100,000.

The first year’s fee is € 25,000.

Each subsequent year – € 15,000

Montenegro offers gambling licenses for online casinos, sports betting, poker games and other types of gambling activities since 2012. In addition, in Montenegro, you can purchase a special package of services “all-in-one”, which includes all operating expenses for opening and registering a business, obtaining a license and the payment process. The package price is € 25,000 for the first year and € 15,000 for each subsequent year.

An application for a license to conduct a gambling business in Montenegro can be issued easily and quickly. New business can be registered in just two days. Another advantage of the jurisdiction in Montenegro is a low corporate and personal tax rate – 9%.

Isle Of Man
Registration fee – £ 5000

Annual fee – £ 35,000

The Isle of Man is an autonomous, self-governing island that provides a stable environment for gambling. The Gambling Supervision Commission offers 3 levels of licenses for gambling: a license for network services, a full license and a sublicense. The licensing process takes 10-12 weeks. To obtain a license for gambling, a business must be registered in the Isle of Man, and all casino servers associated with it must be located there. The jurisdiction offers a profit tax rate of 0%, but it is necessary to pay gambling tax – 0.1-1.5% of gross profit.’

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