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Social networks and website promotion

Social networks and website promotion

In 2018, the tendency to use several tools simultaneously: SЕО, contextual advertising, work in social networks and many others. As a rule, they complement each other and give a greater effect in the aggregate. Well, the increasingly active use of social networks is forcing search engines to consider this factor in the ranking of sites.Therefore, if a company does not integrate with social networks, its promotion is frozen and stuck in antiquity.

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According to the results of various studies, Russians (and not only them) spend several hours a day on social networks. It is unprincipled what they do there – look at the seals or repost deep thoughts from the series “Like if you were shod with boots” in your childhood.
Social activity of the company can be divided into two main areas
About working with other groups. Posting on the walls of living groups, posting on the walls of the “dead” groups to collect links to the site (no one moderates them, so these links live for a long time), answers to questions and comments in public posts;

Social cues from alien groups
The main factors that affect the SEO promotion through social networks.
About Incoming links from social networks. Try to have these links lead from suitable but subject groups. Such links will also give naturalness to the reference mass, dilute it.If you use a spam bot and place 1000 identical posts in more or less relevant data, you will fail. Only callus will rub on the index finger and get a ban account.
O Social activity of users. These can be likes, reposts, saving to favorites, joining groups, etc.
O Attendance (traffic from social networks). The more you transfer to these resources from these sources, the better you look and get a plus in karma also in the results of search results. Stimulate your audience to go to the site, at least leave links, but rather add a call to action and some interesting offer.

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There are also indirect factors that cSean be influenced  by using social networks as a tool for promotion. These include:
About partial improvement of behavioral factors – a user who has come to you from the social network, having distracted from your favorite seals, is likely to be seriously interested in the site and spend a lot of time there;seo optimization
About the acceleration of indexation (or reindexation) of pages on the site, which also applies to the donor sites where you bought links.

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