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The main trends of the net casino in 2018

The main trends of the net casino in 2018

The computer game
VR technologies (virtual reality) area unit progressively penetrating online casinos. In 2017, the variety of websites have already introduced and tested these innovations, that have verified themselves within the absolute best manner. The trends in step-down, quality and mass convenience of VR gadgets counsel that currently for gambling comes it’s time to take a position in the computer game.


Live games
The trend of live games (live dealer games) can still evolve. And what happened before 2018 will before long be known as solely trial steps.

The popularity of live games can grow chop-chop with the event of computer game technology. suppliers decide to open new studios for broadcasting game processes in real time, expand the list of games, improve the practicality of the computer code and introduce new technologies.

Skill games
Skill-based games, wherever the result depends on strategy, can become even a lot of common. Among online players, there’s a growing share of these WHO swear not solely on luck in gambling. These sentiments have long been discovered by marketers, and the variety of suppliers last year already proclaimed the event of platforms combining games with a collection of methods.

Also, this idea is understood as gamification (from the English. Gamification). this can be the employment of game thinking and game dynamics to have interaction the audience within the method and solve selling issues. New missions and goals, exciting competitions and rewards, special bonus programs – all to draw in players within the face of fierce competition – this guarantees to become a trend in 2018.

Non-game content
Online casinos have the interest to keep players on their sites. If earlier gambling grounds were restricted to talk rooms, then this year it’s expected to extend such recreation content as common films, series, TV shows, music videos, etc. The plot particularisation of slots will be greatly developed.

Big data
Big information technologies that collect and store massive amounts of information will be in trend. the number of knowledge with the expansion of the trade will increase exponentially. A system that enables it to type and analyzes, can offer a chance to effectively adapt the sport to the requirements of the audience.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Gambling is subject to an equivalent process because of the entire business. because of the fast development, consistent with forecasts, by 2020 the quantity of the gambling market can exceed $ sixty billion. Therefore, in 2018 the trend is going to be the consolidation of gambling firms and river sweeps their capital.

To attract and retain players are going to be used new options. With the event of the mobile network and smartphones, social networks and ancient phone communication tools are replaced by instant messengers.

The progress of cryptocurrency can solely intensify this year. Complete obscurity, convenience and simple payments, tokenish commissions and therefore the absence of legislative prohibitions can build them one amongst the foremost common means that of payment in online gambling.

In addition to bitcoin (bitcoin), cryptocurrencies with most capitalization like litecoin, ethereum (ethereum), dog coin (Dogecoin), zekesh (cash), monero (monero), dash (dash), the ripple will be used on gambling sites. (ripple) et al…


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Why do individuals opt for online casinos?

Virtual excitement: why do individuals opt for online casinos?

Despite the actual fact that catecholamine spills within the blood “program” individuals to repeat risky actions, the casino is historically thought of the foremost dangerous object of fondness.

Virtual excitement: why do individuals opt for online casinos?
1. psychological science of a gambling person
2. Why do individuals play at the casino?
3. Why do individuals opt for online casinos?
Slotegrator understood what was the rationale for the fervor for the sport.

Psychology of a Gambler
There area unit players for whom gambling is simply amusement. They place cash and find their catecholamine rush. Losing them is perceived simply – as payment for bright emotions. there’s nothing wrong with this passion: somebody loves sports or traveling, and somebody loves enjoying roulette.

But there area unit those that play within the casino for the cash. And such individuals is tough to prevent. If they win – they start to manage the thirst for profit, and therefore the strongest emotions seize the mind entirely. typically such someone isn’t aware in any respect and acts inadequately. And this state is already a dangerous deviation.

Why do individuals play at the casino?
The main reason – obtaining gambling sensations. however their area unit different motives.

Ground-based casinos area unit additional sort of a club. several area units attracted by the atmosphere, service, suite, and company. somebody goes there to claim themselves or show their status.

In recent years, with the event of the web, online casinos became accessible. to seem there to play is way easier and additional convenient. Therefore, several began to use online gambling to kill their free time. And somebody is simply a friend of online games, and excitement in them adds thrills.

There area unit those for whom a gambling institution may be a supply of economic gain. they’re known as skilled players. however this area unit abundant smaller.


Why do individuals opt for online casinos?
The Internet has long been firmly entered our lives. produce an internet casino nowadays isn’t tough. And online gambling amusement is simple, convenient, fun and accessible to nearly everybody.

The development of online casinos is conducted in such the simplest way that it will operate each on computers and mobile devices. the recognition of gambling mobile applications is growing apace. Graphics and animation area unit improved from game to game, and trendy devices build them as realistic as attainable, fully capturing the user gambling method.’


The costs of casinos on the web aren’t as nice as those of land-based casinos. And there area unit tons of how to draw in customers within the open areas of the network. one among the foremost effective strategies is once gambling sites supply to play at no cost, for instance, within the demos of slots. this is often even in theory not possible in an exceedingly land-based casino.

The size of the minimum rates additionally varies significantly. online casinos might enable lowering the bar abundant under a land gambling institution. and therefore the winnings – simply the alternative – there area unit larger ones on the web. this is often because of the actual fact that, for instance, tens and even many thousands of players from everywhere the planet will participate within the accumulative jackpot in online casinos, that is not possible within the land one.

The pace of life throughout the planet has accelerated considerably over the past decades. And you’ll be able to play online casino virtually on the go, once there’s a free minute. No have to be compelled to go somewhere, no have to be compelled to pass a codification and face management.

For these reasons, virtual life with elements of excitement today has captured many.

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What are the online casino slots?

What are the slots?
Traditional, on which 3-5 reels with one or several paylines are installed.
Progressive, in which you can win a progressive (increasing) jackpot. Such slots are equipped with software from one developer and are usually connected by a jackpot that reaches fabulous sums collected in different online games.
Video slots from the producers of the latest software with excellent quality video and audio effects, modern plots and 40 paylines.

Online Casino Software

Slot tournaments
Together with the emergence of any game, as a rule, the organization of any kind of competition begins. Slots tournaments are very exciting and popular among the participants.

Usually, the players pay a certain amount for registration and participation, get the numbers of the slot machines and start the game, which is set aside for a certain time, at a signal. At the end of the tournament points are recorded, and an analysis of the game of all participants. The most famous slot tournament is “Grand Slam of Slots”, setting a million dollar budget.

Competition in slot games is also attracted by the fact that they do not need any special skills or knowledge to participate in them.


The most popular and winning slot machines are with a large number of reels and paylines.

It is important to pay attention to the percentage of winnings on different devices.

Payments in automatic machines do not depend on the results of previous spins, so it’s better not to think about it.

What are Sweepstakes?

Slots, as soon as they appeared in the 19th century, were called one-armed bandits. This was due to the fact that in the machine there was one handle that had to be turned during the game. Usually people lost all the money to a penny.

In England, slots are often called fruit machines, because such symbols are very popular in them.

Japanese machines come from the traditional game “pachinko” and are called “pachisuro”.

And although today not all devices are mechanical, the name “slopes” still remains, as a reminder of those times when there were switches that worked when tilted, and any breakdown had the same name with a similar movement name.

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The payment methods for online casino

When choosing an online casino, the most important priority should be understanding of its banking methods. The extent to which detailed information is provided by an online casino about its payment system directly affects the quality, but even if everything is done correctly, players may have questions.

The payment methods for online casino :
1. Depositing and withdrawing funds
2. Credit Cards – Tradition and Simplicity
3. Electronic Wallets – Privacy
4. Read the fine print
This is what this article was written for. In it you can learn about depositing and withdrawing funds from an account at an online casino and about one of the best payment methods at an online casino.

Online Casino Software

Deposit and withdrawal
In essence, the process of financial operations at online casinos for players consists of two actions: depositing and withdrawing funds. Replenishment is the first step that allows players to start playing in a casino and make bets on real money. It is customary to associate a deposit with bonuses offered by the casino, for example, bonuses for joining, return of part of the loss, or simply standard bonuses that offer different amounts.

Withdrawals are the reverse action when players decide to withdraw money. The main rule: withdrawals take more time than replenishment, because online casino cashiers need to process a lot of actions before they confirm the winnings of the players. Waiting is also associated with the method of withdrawal: withdrawal using a credit card will almost certainly occur faster than using an electronic wallet, but this is different in different casinos.

Credit Cards – Tradition and Simplicity
Online casino players usually prefer to carry out such financial operations using credit and debit cards like MasterCard, Visa and Maestro, preferring traditions and simplicity: they know how the payment method works, and they should not sign up anywhere.

When paying by credit card, the commission is also usually lower, and withdrawals are faster. Recent statistics have shown that players in countries such as Germany, Australia and Canada prefer this method.


Electronic Wallets – Privacy
The use of electronic wallets has become the standard in online casinos, inferior in popularity only to credit cards. Electronic wallets are valued for the privacy factor, because they act as an intermediary between online casinos and the player’s bank. During a transaction, the online casino does not receive any player’s banking information.

Skrill and Neteller are considered the most popular payment systems, and many new players prefer them, because they already have an account on the service and are used to it. Click2Pay and Sofort also take the lead: Click2Pay is valued for its system of advantages, and Sofort is especially popular among German players.


Read the fine print
Be sure to always read the fine print while playing in an online casino. It is important to understand the policies of the institution. Players should be aware of withdrawal limits and verification procedures that are used in online casinos when withdrawing funds.

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