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Independent website promotion in Google

Website optimization and its further advancement in the search is a serious matter, requiring time, tools and knowledge. Self promotion in Google is perhaps the most difficult job in the field of search engine promotion. The search engine that is popular in world imposes strict requirements on sites, therefore, in order to move to the TOP, you have to try very hard and put a lot of effort into it.You can also hire los angelos seo consultant

Independent website promotion in Google begins with optimization. Actually, the whole process of website promotion in the TOP is based on SEO. Optimization for Google consists of several basic steps.

Site semantics is the basis for further optimization. Requests are selected based on their popularity, topicality, compliance.

Assessing the status of the resource helps to detect errors and find faults that will interfere with search engine progress.

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Independent promotion of the site in Google is carried out according to the strategy, which takes into account the peculiarities of the business, the mission, the goals of the company, the interests of the audience and other important points.

The site should be filled with unique and literate texts, pictures, video. Content must contain search queries, be beautiful and properly designed. Be sure to write the meta-data for the pages of the site.

The next important step is building up the reference mass. It is necessary to acquire high-quality external links that will help increase the trust of the site and its position in Google.

Google is one of the most demanding search engines. The constant change of algorithms and stricter requirements for the quality of the site leads to the fact that the process of promotion is complicated. Adjusting to Google is not so easy. If you are focused on self-promotion, be prepared for long-term work and expectations.

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Haste in optimization and promotion is not needed. Gradually work on filling the site with content and SEO. Use quality texts. Improve the convenience of using the Internet resource for people. Create and regularly improve the quality of usability.

Spend time external optimization. Carefully select traffic sources for your site. Place links on proven sites that have a certain authority on the Internet. Avoid buying links from low-quality donors.

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Site errors that reduce conversion of websites

No one concerning cares  the insufficient things – webmasters and optimizers area unit perpetually talking about increasing conversions, however usually don’t notice little and hidden issues. within the coaching articles, there’s little info regarding those factors that gently worsen the conversion and stop guests from achieving the goals. it’s believed that such reasons area unit very little and insignificant, however, it’s not. You can also hire a seo consultant.

Of course, any business website will and may be improved, however, it’s conjointly necessary to form stops, analyze delicate errors and omissions. Eliminating hidden causes that cut back conversion – this be  the type of improvement that’s often forgotten.

This article describes another inspect the matter of accelerating the extent of sales, supported the look for hidden and tiny errors of the positioning. we provide the reader to contemplate an inventory of implicit factors that influence the conversion and worsen resource sales. we tend to suggest that you simply at once check your own sites for the subsequent issues.]

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All project pages ought to have distinctive and fascinating headings. a decent headline should be traced; there should be a decision to act. One by one, the traveler should perceive what actions area unit expected of him, what info contains a particular page of the resource.

As AN illustrative example, you’ll contemplate the pages of the Apple website, within the headlines of that there area unit several motivating appeals ( “Try it now”, “Install a free version” then on).

Nobody cares a way to submit info. once selecting a style webmaster takes under consideration personal preferences, indicators of singularity, aesthetic beauty, however not the conversion. In fact, you’ll raise sales of the positioning by terribly easy actions, increasing or narrowing the content field, increasing or decreasing the font size and line spacing. a normal webmaster hardly thinks that:

narrow fields of content speed up the reading of the text, however, worsen its perception and memorability;
Stretched and voluminous blocks of text abate the method of reading, however, contribute to a much better understanding of the essence of the fabric.
This info is simply checked on your own website to use to spice up conversions. it’s straightforward to conduct applicable comparative testing, however, nobody will.


It is believed that the minimum path length boosts sales. Any analytical studies ensure this reality, however actually everything appearance somewhat completely different. Optimizers area unit thus obsessed with shortening the trail to the mercantilism page that they ignore connection, psychological science and therefore the human issue.

Most of the guest’s area unit aggravated not by the number of transitions, however by the shortage of result or its uncertainty. someone with none issues can build a couple of further clicks with the mouse if within the finish he gets the specified product, a positive discount, free shipping. Conversion ought to be multiplied not solely by shortening the trail, however conjointly by favorable terms of cooperation.

In the 1st screen attempt to contain the most info, that is usually mindless. This approach ends up in info overload of the higher a part of the pages, to scale back the standard of the presentation of the fabric. I follow, regarding seventy-fifth of users attempt to scroll through the “first screen” before it’s totally loaded (research data).

5. quantity OF choices
The additional choices (options, features, links) the traveler sees, the harder it’s to form a final judgment. The optimizer thinks that arise within the vary bestowed on one page contributes to the conversion and active actions, however, is mistaken. for instance, you’ll attend any giant English-language on-line store, wherever nearly every line of text could be a link or possibility, wherever it’s terribly tough to work out the practicality, wherever you wish to pay it to slow learning the interface.

It is extremely probable that the traveler can build the right transition wherever his attention won’t be spread. By reducing the number of choices on the page to 3-5 items, the webmaster can alter the task of alternative and increase your own financial gain.

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It may appear to the reader that the higher than minor shortcomings have solely a minor impact on the conversion, that their role is little. however the addition of such little factors, place along, simply forms the last word success.

It is within the details that the opportunities and ideas for the orderly development of a virtual project area unit hidden. These very little things are ready to distinguish a high-quality mercantilism resource from a mass of comparable competitors. it’s with such subtleties and nuances that the traveler, the offers preference to 1 or another website or online store, is unconsciously radio-controlled.

There are not any trifles wherever monetary advantages area unit at stake!

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Social networks or your own SEO optimized website

Social networks or your own website: how best to move?
Sooner or later, all entrepreneurs realize the need to create their own website. But do you really need your website, or is it just assumed that the website helps to sell? Let’s take a look at the order from where the money comes from on the Internet. And then you yourself will understand for yourself whether you need a website or whether you can completely do without it.

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The site is needed already promoted businesses.You also must optimize your website.For this reason you will hire SEO specialists.You can hire  seo consultant. If we talk about business development on the Internet seriously, then the site is needed only for those who already have customers. If there are no customers, then you do not need to acquire a website. And for what reason.

Sources of traffic are important for earning on the site, the site itself will not sell anything. And this is true. If they are trying to sell you landing, they are silent about the fact that in order to start a business you will have to learn how to get traffic. And this is not so easy to do. Just because you need to spend at least another 2-3 weeks on finding and launching sources of traffic.

Quite another thing – the use of social networks. The fact is that social networks today can serve both as a source of traffic and as a showcase of your products. At the same time, social networks are absolutely free, you can move the way you want, but often you don’t need to pay for posting a penny. Of course, there are options for publishing money, but ultimately you can do without them at all.

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Choose 1-2 social networks and start actively posting your content there. Content should be bright, attractive, created by you. Content and will be the main item of expenditure. The easiest way to search for artists to create content on inexpensive exchanges and ask them to rewrite favorite publications or draw a similar picture.

A lot of examples of content you can take on Western sources. For example, the site P interest gives you the opportunity to peek at the design of infographics and find ideas for your posts on Instagram. Some of the content you have to write yourself. For example, if you sell something, then the product description falls entirely on your shoulders. Rerayter this work is not worth it.

Expand your horizons of advancement on the Internet. Remember that social networks are not the limit and not the horizon in advancement. Social media includes forums, blogs, message boards and other sites where there are a lot of people.

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Social networks take on the strength of 10-15% of the total number of opportunities. There are specialized resources that are sharpened solely for any topic. So, there sometimes is much more profitable to post than on Facebook or anywhere else. Speaking of social media, one should not forget such old, but still bearing excellent results, methods of advancement, such as developing topics on forums and local portals, publishing in LJ and guerilla marketing on question and answer services.

However, remember, with all the advantages of using communities in social networks, they do not belong to you and the network can select them at any time. With the sites this does not happen and invest in them can be calmer.


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Social networks and website promotion

Social networks and website promotion

In 2018, the tendency to use several tools simultaneously: SЕО, contextual advertising, work in social networks and many others. As a rule, they complement each other and give a greater effect in the aggregate. Well, the increasingly active use of social networks is forcing search engines to consider this factor in the ranking of sites.Therefore, if a company does not integrate with social networks, its promotion is frozen and stuck in antiquity.

How to choose seo  consultant

According to the results of various studies, Russians (and not only them) spend several hours a day on social networks. It is unprincipled what they do there – look at the seals or repost deep thoughts from the series “Like if you were shod with boots” in your childhood.
Social activity of the company can be divided into two main areas
About working with other groups. Posting on the walls of living groups, posting on the walls of the “dead” groups to collect links to the site (no one moderates them, so these links live for a long time), answers to questions and comments in public posts;

Social cues from alien groups
The main factors that affect the SEO promotion through social networks.
About Incoming links from social networks. Try to have these links lead from suitable but subject groups. Such links will also give naturalness to the reference mass, dilute it.If you use a spam bot and place 1000 identical posts in more or less relevant data, you will fail. Only callus will rub on the index finger and get a ban account.
O Social activity of users. These can be likes, reposts, saving to favorites, joining groups, etc.
O Attendance (traffic from social networks). The more you transfer to these resources from these sources, the better you look and get a plus in karma also in the results of search results. Stimulate your audience to go to the site, at least leave links, but rather add a call to action and some interesting offer.

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There are also indirect factors that cSean be influenced  by using social networks as a tool for promotion. These include:
About partial improvement of behavioral factors – a user who has come to you from the social network, having distracted from your favorite seals, is likely to be seriously interested in the site and spend a lot of time there;seo optimization
About the acceleration of indexation (or reindexation) of pages on the site, which also applies to the donor sites where you bought links.

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