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How to make a wireless charging for the iPhone do it yourself

How to make a wireless charging for the iPhone do it yourself

No one can say for sure whether the future iPhone will be equipped with wireless charging. Apple technology users have been waiting for this functionality for more than a year, but nothing has changed. Do not wait for the release of the new iPhone model just for the sake of wireless charging. After all, you can equip a wireless charging any iPhone – modern technology allows you to do it with ease.

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There are two ways to solve this problem. The first is to connect the receiver of wireless charging to the smartphone and put on your case. The second is to use a ready-made solution in the form of a case that supports wireless charging. After which the cover is placed on a special panel in any place convenient for you. But is such a method considered to be real wireless if the process still uses a cable, even if it is connected to another docking station? Yes, because energy is still transmitted without the use of wires.

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The operation of wireless charging is based on the properties of an induction coil that can transmit electrical current. Nikola Tesla proved this back in the 19th century. If the coil is connected to a power source, a magnetic field will arise in it, which goes perpendicular to the coil windings. If you put the second coil in this field, there will be tension.

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This principle is based on the work of wireless charging for the iPhone. In the role of the coil here is a docking station with wireless charging. The docking station is connected to the network, after which a charging case or receiver connected to the iPhone is placed there. In the second coil there is a voltage – this is how the charge indicator appears on the smartphone.Снимок экрана 2017-11-13 в 15.35.48

There are two ways to charge your iPhone without wires. The first one is to put on a special case on the smartphone that supports wireless charging. One of the best brands on the market in this segment is the Nillkin manufacturer. It produces high-quality leather cases, for example, N-Jarl for the sixth iPhone.

It looks like a standard case, but inside there is a module for receiving Qi wireless charging. To charge, you need to put the case on the iPhone and put it on the charging station – it is sold separately, there are both expensive and budget copies.

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For the new iPhone models – 7 and 7 Plus – there is a line of covers with Qi support. The mechanics are a little different: the transmitter is inserted directly into the charging port. N-Jarl black color goes well with the iPhone in colors “pink gold” and “black onyx.” Leather Nillkin Magic is covered with a pleasant to the touch polycarbonate, which prevents the sliding of the smartphone in the case. The charging module is interchangeable with a standard Lightning cable.

The covers are also equipped with four neodymium magnets – they allow you to use magnetic accessories with wireless charging.

For the car there is a holder Nillkin Car Magnetic, which performs not only its standard function, but also is able to charge the smartphone without wires. In the kit with the holder, the manufacturer put the micro USB cable for charging.

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Among the most cost-effective options to make wireless charging is to buy a Baseus wireless charging module that even connects to the fifth iPhone. This is a small coil with a plug that connects to the charging port. The design is suitable for a cover of any size.Снимок экрана 2017-11-13 в 15.37.43

In addition, it is worthwhile to consider the Home Tree module, which is compatible with all iPhones with a Lightning connector. Its price is slightly higher, but there are no complaints about the quality. A nice bonus will be a sticker that is glued to the back of the iPhone.Снимок экрана 2017-11-13 в 15.37.43

Wireless charging is no longer a luxury, but an affordable addition to any smartphone. In addition to convenience, it is also useful – such charging helps to keep the Lightning connector from excessive wear.

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How to find IMEI on iPhone 7

Nothing can be said about a smartphone more than an IMEI number; especially when buying a gadget with hands. Unfortunately, with the release of new iPhones, Apple began to more carefully “hide” the device identification number, and the search for IMEI for an unprepared person has ceased to be a trivial task.

If you have any difficulties associated with IMEI – call at any time for help or even if your iPhone 7 is not working you can bring us to the diagnosis.

How to find IMEI on iPhone 7
The identification number of the mobile device is a kind of “passport” of the smartphone: IMEI allows you to establish the authenticity of the gadget, determine its ownership to one or another owner, and access the official support service – any iPhone “out of the box” comes with a one-year warranty; id help.

Today, we will look at the role of an identifier when purchasing and using a smartphone, as well as analyze all the main ways of obtaining data on the IMEI device.

What can IMEI say on the iPhone 7 when buying a smartphone with hands?
The acquisition of a mobile phone in the secondary market, as well as the “gray” sellers, is always fraught with some risk. Minimize the chance of difficulties when buying a smartphone by comparing IMEI on the iPhone 7 with the data sewn into the system.

On older iPhones, the identification number was directly on the lid of the device: accordingly, if the smartphone case is in good condition and all the numbers are the same, then the gadget most likely has not been seriously damaged.

Starting with the iPhone 6s and, accordingly, the iPhone 7, the identifier was transferred to the SIM card tray, as can be seen in the image below.

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IMEI на корпусе iPhone 7

Thus, it was more difficult to find out if the smartphone went through a repair. However, if the number on the SIM card tray coincides with the numbers on the box, the smartphone is “clean”. Unfortunately, this can not give the buyer a full guarantee: for example, smartphones “restored” from poor-quality components often receive “cloned” components with the same IMEI.

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But the right and the opposite: among ordinary users, the trays of SIM-cards are often lost and subject to replacement, and the “left” number with the same probability can only say about the carelessness of the seller.

How to find out the exact IMEI device?
Fortunately, the IMEI on the iPhone 7 is not the only way to find out the real device ID.

The easiest way to verify the real identification number is to open the application for calls and dial the code * # 06 #. In addition, a unique IMEI can be found in the Settings application (“About this device” tab), as shown in the image:

Alternatively, the IMEI number can be found using iTunes: to do this, connect the device to the phone, start the program and open the information window of the smartphone. In order to find out the identifier, double-click on the “Phone Number” line (IMEI will appear in place of the mobile number; this menu also stores information about other data like MEID and ICCID).

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The identification number of the smartphone can be found and remotely, for this you need to open iTunes and go to the settings (the shortcut Command +,). Going to the “Devices” tab, you will find a list of your gadgets. Enough to hover the cursor on the desired device, and in the pop-up window will appear all the necessary information.

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Never used to repair electronics?
Not sure where to start? First of all – do not worry! Signs of good and quality service are immediately visible. We have prepared instructions for those who are looking for a workshop or Apple repair service center.

iPhone 5 Charging Connector Replacement

Greetings to you, our dear readers. Today we will learn to change the charging connector in Apple iPhone 5. It is not easy, but useful and interesting.

For the analysis, we need: a 3.6mm pendent, a 1.6mm Phillips screwdriver (figured), a screen sucker, a plastic opening tool, a slotted screwdriver, and a lot of patience.

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1 Шаг: откручиваем два нижних болта

Step 2: remove the screen with a suction cup (very carefully, so as not to tear off the trains), and after the plate (it rests on three bolts), which holds 3 loops

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Step 3: now disconnect the three loops of the Touch screen, make similar operations with a plastic opening tool. Do not forget to remove the battery and remove the SIM card



Step 4: when we disconnected the cables, we will need to unscrew the bolts that hold the board and the communication unit (a cross and slotted screwdriver will be required)


Step 5: Carefully remove the board and the unit. Below there are also loops, they need to be disabled

Step 6: now we have to disassemble the communication unit. It consists of two parts: a speaker, microphone and charging connector. Of course, it is desirable to change everything in the collection (speaker + connector).


Step 7: if you did everything correctly, you can proceed to the installation of a new connector and the assembly of your Apple iPhone 5. The assembly is carried out in the reverse order. Good luck!

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