Social networks or your own SEO optimized website

Social networks or your own website: how best to move?
Sooner or later, all entrepreneurs realize the need to create their own website. But do you really need your website, or is it just assumed that the website helps to sell? Let’s take a look at the order from where the money comes from on the Internet. And then you yourself will understand for yourself whether you need a website or whether you can completely do without it.

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The site is needed already promoted businesses.You also must optimize your website.For this reason you will hire SEO specialists.You can hire  seo consultant. If we talk about business development on the Internet seriously, then the site is needed only for those who already have customers. If there are no customers, then you do not need to acquire a website. And for what reason.

Sources of traffic are important for earning on the site, the site itself will not sell anything. And this is true. If they are trying to sell you landing, they are silent about the fact that in order to start a business you will have to learn how to get traffic. And this is not so easy to do. Just because you need to spend at least another 2-3 weeks on finding and launching sources of traffic.

Quite another thing – the use of social networks. The fact is that social networks today can serve both as a source of traffic and as a showcase of your products. At the same time, social networks are absolutely free, you can move the way you want, but often you don’t need to pay for posting a penny. Of course, there are options for publishing money, but ultimately you can do without them at all.

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Choose 1-2 social networks and start actively posting your content there. Content should be bright, attractive, created by you. Content and will be the main item of expenditure. The easiest way to search for artists to create content on inexpensive exchanges and ask them to rewrite favorite publications or draw a similar picture.

A lot of examples of content you can take on Western sources. For example, the site P interest gives you the opportunity to peek at the design of infographics and find ideas for your posts on Instagram. Some of the content you have to write yourself. For example, if you sell something, then the product description falls entirely on your shoulders. Rerayter this work is not worth it.

Expand your horizons of advancement on the Internet. Remember that social networks are not the limit and not the horizon in advancement. Social media includes forums, blogs, message boards and other sites where there are a lot of people.

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Social networks take on the strength of 10-15% of the total number of opportunities. There are specialized resources that are sharpened solely for any topic. So, there sometimes is much more profitable to post than on Facebook or anywhere else. Speaking of social media, one should not forget such old, but still bearing excellent results, methods of advancement, such as developing topics on forums and local portals, publishing in LJ and guerilla marketing on question and answer services.

However, remember, with all the advantages of using communities in social networks, they do not belong to you and the network can select them at any time. With the sites this does not happen and invest in them can be calmer.


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