Online Casino slots.

Slots called slot machines, which can be played by dropping a coin into the slot and pulling the lever. There are also online slots in which the game starts after pressing a button on the computer screen. In these devices it is easy to control the game, applying their moves and strategies, they are very popular all over the world.
Before you start the game, you should read the necessary information, rules and recommendations that you will undoubtedly come in handy.

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The history of slots.
Principle of operation.
Rules of the game.

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Slot history
Slots are the same slot machines that appeared in the last century. The very first such device was created by mechanic Charles Fay, who lived in the 80s of the XIX century in San Francisco. This invention was a design for a game on which three reels spun. In this torsion, five symbols changed, and when certain combinations fell out, the player received a prize.

Why among them were a diamond, a horseshoe, the Liberty Bell, hearts and spades – now difficult to explain, but the machine then became very popular in American bars.

Since then, the development of gaming devices has gone at a rapid pace, and a hundred years later the first Electromechanical version of Money Honey, released by Bally, appeared.

Today on the Internet you can find many varieties of slots, equipped with several paylines, hundreds of bright characters, with fascinating scenes, excellent sound and design from talented artists.


Principle of operation
The game in any slot machine is approximately the same – a person throws a coin and rotates the drum, as a result of which the symbols are added in a certain order, and if a winning combination falls out, the player receives money or is awarded a free game. Thus, the principle is completely clear – it is a money win.

The symbols that spin in the slot are usually simple and bright – fruits, stones, diamonds, monkeys.

It is quite easy to learn how to play slot machines, therefore, as a rule, beginners start with them just before trying their hand at serious online casino games.


Rules of the game
Despite the simplicity of the game, the slots have their own rules, and it is better to stick with them in order not to be misled. In addition, you should know the terms and their meaning.

So, the drums in the machine perform the function of rotating the symbols and using the payline add them into a certain combination. In total, the game usually has from 5 to 9 such lines and many winning combinations, and the player can win both money and various bonuses – an extra spin or a whole free game.

All the fun is based on a random number generator, which drives the slot. Today this RNG works without the help of a person thanks to special software, so everything happens very quickly with the movement that the player makes by pulling the lever. The result is instantaneous, and the combination never repeats.


The machines have a high payout percentage – 82-98%, but despite this, they are very beneficial for online casino owners, as with the help of software you can create a situation in which the player will see that, despite losing, was very close to victory, and this prompts him to start the next game.

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