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1. You do not know this person, and they used to work for the company you are targeting.
It is best to start with someone who does not work for the company so that you can build confidence.

A good discoverer can be:

“Hi Joe, I noticed that you are a college graduate (enter the name of the school). I wonder if you can give me some advice, like a random act of kindness.

“I’m focused on positions at XYZ, and as I see you worked there, I was hoping you could tell me a little about corporate culture and your experience. I need only a few minutes and I can make it available at a convenient time for you, since I would be very grateful for your understanding.

“Thank you in advance.”

Note. I found that the phrase “a random act of kindness” works wonders, forcing people to respond.

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2. You do not know this person, but you have established a little relationship with LinkedIn. This is a “warm touch.”
In this case, you not only identified the person you want to connect with, but you joined his or her LinkedIn groups and responded to his or her comments and posts. Then it is a bit stronger because you are creating relationships.

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You are not completely unfamiliar with this person.

“Hi, Bill, I noticed that you are a graduate colleague (insert the name of the school), and I read and commented on your updates regarding the development of mobile applications. As you described, I also recognize the problem of supporting multiple changing platforms.

“I (I insert your step 1-2 sentences): a software engineer with over 15 years experience in companies like American Express and Bank of America. I spent the full project life cycle for dozens of high-end initiatives mainly to support customer-focused online initiatives. I also installed several mobile applications on iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms, but the emphasis here is not as big as I had hoped.

“It would seem that your organization is making great advances in developing applications for mobile platforms, and I was wondering if you think I should be guided by the opening in your company?

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“Please click on my profile (insert a link) or call me at 212-555-1212. I can make myself available at a convenient time for you and will be very grateful for your thoughts. I promise not to occupy most of your time.

“Thank you in advance.”

It’s clear that 4 is stronger than 3, so define your goals and join their discussions on LinkedIn and Twitter so you can create a certain probability before referring to them.

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Bottom line
Everyone is talking about using LinkedIn for networking in an employer’s organization, but doing it gracefully is not as easy as it sounds. Try these 4 approaches in the right situations, and you will speed up the results on your LinkedIn network.

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