How does knowledge of the RTP index affect the outcome of the in the online casino games?

How does knowledge of the RTP index affect the outcome of the online casino  games?
One of the main rules of a successful player is to study the features of the game, its functions and other details. In a reliable online casino you can learn about all the nuances of each game that it has. Depending on the functions of a particular slot and the value of its RTP, you can build a more profitable game strategy. In this case, knowing the return percentage allows the player to calculate how much time he needs to spend on rotating the reels of a particular slot in order to win, what bets are best to be made and how much money can be obtained.

For example, if a player plans to make 15,000 spins with a bet in the amount of one coin, during the sweepstakes game on the 98% RTP slot, he can return 14,700 coins. Depending on how much time a day a player is willing to spend on a slot game, you can determine how long it will take him to clear this amount. The specific amount of winnings will depend on the size of the bets that the player chooses.


Is there a relationship between win rate and RTP?
The RTP may also be somewhat disorienting. RTP does not say how often to expect a win. Online casino  slots with the same 97% RTP can produce winning combinations with different frequencies. However, an indirect relationship between the percentage of return to the player, the frequency and size of winnings exists.

Slots with lower RTP pay out more often, but smaller amounts, while slots with higher RTP pay larger amounts, but much less often. This phenomenon is called dispersion. Slot machines with a high RTP usually have a high variance, with a small return – a low one. Accordingly, players with extensive experience who prefer to play one slot for a long time should pay attention to slot machines with a high return percentage. Beginners or those who want to risk less should pay attention to slots with lower RTP.

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