Knockout LinkedIn Profile Summary

1. Pay particular attention to the first two lines.
As of 2017, your resume is not fully displayed – at least until the reader clicks “Show more” (on the desktop, not on the mobile device).

Most readers will only see the first approximately 90 to 150 characters when viewed on a mobile phone, while about 300 characters will be displayed on the desktop version.

Why do you need it? Employers see only a small number of words added to the TOP summary, and these words best represent your personal brand almost immediately. Otherwise, your LinkedIn readers will not “get” their value or be sufficiently forced to move to the rest, as their short intervals of attention will be captured and they will quickly move on to the next candidate.

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Here are some ways to get around this problem, differentiate yourself and convince LinkedIn users to talk about the summary in more detail later:

Place the lens in front and center.
Instead of buzzing about your value as an “experienced and result-oriented professional,” use these first few LinkedIn keywords to position yourself correctly, as shown in these examples (as will be seen immediately when using the LinkedIn mobile app):

Personnel Management. Global search and implementation strategies for sustainable talent retention

CIO, VP IT. IBM Dear Engineer. Cloud Solutions, Cost Savings, Digital Conversion

By including job titles and areas of expertise that you plan to use in the future, you will count on the type of roles you want to use.

You can also mark your work and achievements in the first part of your resume, as shown in this example team leader who improves customer service performance:

Customer Service Leader. 45% of the best service indicators for 6 months after the team’s training …

What if you are a new graduate with limited work experience? Early career professionals can also use the first characters of the summary to show the targets, credentials, and related educational achievements, as shown in these examples:

Higher Bachelor of Economics, Wu Michigan. Provided for financial services, data analysis …

Marketing and promotions – my strength! From Northwestern BA, I offer branding, social networks, …

When setting up a LinkedIn bulletin, be careful when adding additional characters such as bullets or dashes. Although these graphs can help put text in your LinkedIn profile, you also want to make sure that they do not block the presentation of your content in the first few lines of the text of the summary.

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Add keywords at the beginning of the summary.
Here’s the secret: keywords are counted the most in any field when they are placed first.

This is true for many types of databases, including Google search. Try typing any line of words in a search engine, and you will find the best results matching your search term, literally.

By placing relevant keywords at the top of your LinkedIn summary, you can help satisfy the site search algorithm and your human reader, making your career goal and growth more obvious.

Of course, you will want to use all the 2000 characters available in the summary, as more keywords and execution details will also be indexed and help attract traffic.

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Turn on powerful reporting results.
Not only do you want to interest your career and important keywords, your first few sentences of a resume will carry weight with recruiters. Consider these examples (everything can be immediately viewed in the desktop version of LinkedIn):

Personnel Management. Global search and deployment strategies for sustainable talent retention. I reduced the turnover by 30% +, indicating the most important for employees. IBM is now on its way to the advanced releases of 2018 …

VP Sales. Corporate technologies and channels. The best deals in history. Having achieved up to 170% of the goal, I coached the sales teams to build relationships between social network providers, expanding our market share …

These examples show LinkedIn’s summary text, which starts with the name of the task, but you can also switch it by stating your reputation for the results in the first few characters, as shown here:

154% Average annual growth rate of sales in SAP America – the growth of peak revenue in the unit. Often I wanted to turn into flashy sales teams as a senior sales manager, I imposed sales advisory skills on teams …
Placing important information first in the LinkedIn summary, where it will most likely be viewed on any device platform – you not only use precious real estate wisely, but also pay attention, which can lead to more views by recruiters.

It is important to use your social presence.networks to impress employers by clipping words, noting your value proposition and approaching several characters. By doing so, you ensure that your brand message is in the limelight on LinkedIn.

2. Adjust the volume of the keyword.
LinkedIn SEO should not be a mysterious concept. Basically, in order to significantly look for employees with your skills, you will need to add more Connections (which will help your profile become more “important” in LinkedIn perspective), and you will need to use better keywords.

The keywords most important to LinkedIn are what employers use to find a candidate like you: jobs, skills, industry names, and other related terminology.

As an example, the Operations Director who finds production, Lean Six Sigma, production, process improvement, and cost savings in job descriptions can add this achievement to her summary:

Leveraged Lean Six Sigma to improve the process and 31% cost savings on the production line as you advance to the position of Director of Operations.

Keyword Benefits? They will bring more traffic from interested employers to your profile, and when they are woven into your success stories, demonstrate how you used these skills to get results.

With space for 2000 characters, your resume is a great place to enter keywords into each sentence, repeating them for greater density.

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