How modern online casinos encourage high rollers

How modern online casinos encourage high rollers
For an online casino, the highroller definition is a bit more blurry, although the privileges are still there. Here, the bulk of the players puts small amounts, so almost anyone who bets above $ 100 can be called a high roller.

Highrollers often receive generous bonuses from casinos who seek to lure them to the gambling table. We are talking about ground objects, it can be free transfers on a private jet, a limousine, free accommodation in luxury rooms, discounts on visits to the best restaurants, etc.

Online casinos can offer an extended credit limit for a player, as well as compensation payments on turnover from rates or losses. Besides:

Big bonuses, namely bonuses on bets (minimum 50%) from $ 1000; deposit bonuses that can reach 500%; personal bonuses in the form of cashback.
Raffle costly prizes for VIP clients in private tournaments.
Maximum bets on spins.
Personal manager.
Loyalty and benefits: birthday gifts, invitations to private parties, etc.
The most famous high rollers (VIP-players)

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There are several big names and related stories in the history of big bets.

The Unpaid Millions of Phil Ivey
Professional poker player Phil Ivey is known as one of the best players in the world. And although poker is rather an intellectual game in which it is more important to have knowledge and skills than luck, Ivy is also a fan of excitement and risk. Being an avid player of dice, he circled around five different casinos as part of the “Megatura of Dice”, betting on $ 100,000 for each game game, which made him famous all over the world.

Ivey had another important story in 2012, when he won about $ 11 million in baccarat sessions at the London-based casino Crockfords. However, the casino refused to pay the prize, arguing that Ivey used a technique called “edge sorting” to predict which cards would be dropped on the next hand. Ivey sued the casino, demanding to get his winnings. The outcome of this situation still remains unresolved.

Mystery of the family of Sultan of Brunei
The sultan of the tiny Asian state of Brunei is one of the richest living people, whose capital exceeds $ 20 billion. He is also considered to be one of the largest, albeit unofficial, “whales” in the world. Along with incredible stories about his secret travels in Las Vegas, Macau and London casinos, where he usually spends about $ 1 million overnight, no one has accurate information about how often the sultan plays and how much he wins or loses.

However, there is no doubt that his family is one of the largest high rollers in the world. The former wife of the Sultan Mariam Aziz often visited London casinos, where she offered her bodyguards to bet, and once during one tumultuous weekend, she lost £ 3 million. The brother of the Sultan, Prince Jeffrey, is known as an avid online casino software gambling player and haunter.


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