Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes your personal styling consultancy different from the others?

A: A-line’s founder believes that just because you are not a celebrity or wealthy, that clients still deserve to look & feel their most confident.  We offer expert services at a competitive price and we specialize in finding quality items at reasonable prices to accommodate the budgets of our clientele. Once you work with Tamika, you can even text her your style questions while you are out shopping on your own! 

Q: What type of clientele has A-line Style Services worked with? 

A: Most of our frequent clientele includes professionals in the corporate, real estate education, and media sectors as well as entrepreneurs, new mothers, and those wanting a style revamp to boost their confidence. We also work with designers, models, photographers and producers for photo and video shoots.  Tamika has styled for television and celebrities, but loves helping everyday people feel great about their image & style. 

Q: How do you determine what looks fit each client?  

A: After completing the initial no-cost consultation, we ask our clients to complete a “Pre-Styling Questionnaire” which allows us to tap into your lifestyle, personality, body type, and motivations for shopping in the past. This allows us to personalize our services to fit a client’s needs & desires.  Tamika’s many years of experience equips her with the style know-how to style each client complimenting every aspect of their lives. 

Q: What can a client expect from a wardrobe consultation?  

A: Firstly, our clients can expect personalized, one-on-one service as well as professional advice that teaches our clients what cuts, colors and styles best suit them. We help clients save time and money (getting dressed faster, not buying items that do not add to your wardrobe), and making your closet a “stress-free zone”. We also do “Wardrobe Wellness Checks” to see if you have any seasonal styling needs or general style questions.

Q: What are some common dilemmas your clients face?

A: Lots! Here are some of the main style issues our clients turn to us with 

  • Clients that lack the time of simply despise shopping
  • Clients that are not sure how find stylish, pulled together looks that can be mixed & matched to accomodate thier busy lifestyles
  • Clients that need help shopping for clothing best suited for their body type, lifestyle, or professional goals
  • Many clients have a closet full of clothing, but still feel they have nothing to wear  

Q: Do you keep a portfolio of clients you have styled I can see? 

A: Tamika has a styling portfolio available upon request and utlizes her women’s style book, Standout Style: The Shopping + Style Guide for Real Women as a visual for her styling expertise.

Still, have a question? Feel free to contact us!