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Social networks and website promotion

Social networks and website promotion

In 2018, the tendency to use several tools simultaneously: SЕО, contextual advertising, work in social networks and many others. As a rule, they complement each other and give a greater effect in the aggregate. Well, the increasingly active use of social networks is forcing search engines to consider this factor in the ranking of sites.Therefore, if a company does not integrate with social networks, its promotion is frozen and stuck in antiquity.
According to the results of various studies, Russians (and not only them) spend several hours a day on social networks. It is unprincipled what they do there – look at the seals or repost deep thoughts from the series “Like if you were shod with boots” in your childhood.
Social activity of the company can be divided into two main areas
About working with other groups. Posting on the walls of living groups, posting on the walls of the “dead” groups to collect links to the site (no one moderates them, so these links live for a long time), answers to questions and comments in public posts;

Social cues from alien groups
The main factors that affect the SEO promotion through social networks.
About Incoming links from social networks. Try to have these links lead from suitable but subject groups. Such links will also give naturalness to the reference mass, dilute it.If you use a spam bot and place 1000 identical posts in more or less relevant data, you will fail. Only callus will rub on the index finger and get a ban account.
O Social activity of users. These can be likes, reposts, saving to favorites, joining groups, etc.
O Attendance (traffic from social networks). The more you transfer to these resources from these sources, the better you look and get a plus in karma also in the results of search results. Stimulate your audience to go to the site, at least leave links, but rather add a call to action and some interesting offer.
There are also indirect factors that cSean be influenced  by using social networks as a tool for promotion. These include:
About partial improvement of behavioral factors – a user who has come to you from the social network, having distracted from your favorite seals, is likely to be seriously interested in the site and spend a lot of time there;seo optimization
About the acceleration of indexation (or reindexation) of pages on the site, which also applies to the donor sites where you bought links.

Linkedin inMail Secrets

Are you struggling to get the most out of LinkedIn InMail?  Well, struggle no more because I have great news for you.

Before I dive in I wanted to ensure that you understand what I am talking about.  What is LinkedIn InMail?  Well, it is a paid service from LinkedIn to help you reach out to clients.

If you are not connected with someone on LinkedIn one of the ways to message them is using InMails.  There are other ways of course which I will show you later.

The only way to get access to these InMails is through a paid or premium account which I will explain in a short while.

I have been using LinkedIn InMail for many years and I can show you a thing or two.

The alotted LinkedIn InMail credits assigned to your premium account may seem small but I have 7 hacks to help you stretch it all together.

LinkedIn Messaging

Let’s start at the very beginning, when it comes to LinkedIn InMails we need to take a step back and look at all the available options.

In order to get a message to someone on LinkedIn you can do one of the following:

  1. Engage with their post or video
  2. Comment on their article
  3. Send them a direct ‘free’ message
  4. Write an InMail (paid option)

If someone shares a post in the LinkedIn feed you can engage with that post by liking it or leaving a comment.  Just like any other Social Media platform that person can respond to your comment.

This kind of comment is public and everyone who comes across the post can see the interaction between you and the Author of that post.

Members also have the option to write an article instead of sharing a post.  The difference is articles are not really surfaced frequently by the algorithm so chances are you may not see it in the feed.

In any case, you can react to the article by leaving a comment and liking it.  You can also share it to your network.

Upon joining LinkedIn you would have connected with friends, colleagues, family, business acquaintances or groups.  These people would be in your 1st level connection so you can message them for free.

If you are not connected to this person and you want to send them a direct private message then the only option you have apart from sending a connection request is to use your premium credits.

LinkedIn InMail Plans

You are probably wondering how much is an InMail credit?  Well, it doesn’t quite work that way for you see there are various packages available depending on what you want to achieve.

Assuming you are an entrepreneur and you want to start slow and steady here are your options.

As you can see there are four plans available which two of them relating to job search or recruiting.  The other two plans can be classified as growing your brand and generating leads.

With the premium business only plan here is what you can expect to get included in the package.

I personally prefer Sales Navigator because it gives you a big advantage over non-premium users and I will show you want I mean in a bit.

So you get only 15-20 credits a month and you are still probably wondering how can you generate leads with so little credit.

Let’s take a look at the best way to get your LinkedIn Inmail credits to last an entire month.

Analysis of competitor sites by internal factors

Analysis of competitor sites by internal factors

Before you start working with the meta tags on the site, let’s look at the analysis of competitors. So you will understand how the presentation of the search engines about what and how the site, allowed to the selected ten results of the issue, should be, differs from our vision. After that, you can adjust your promotion plan.
To do this, I recommend that you use the same Excel or Google Sheets tablets, be patient and have cookies.
You need to analyze competitors by the following parameters in the search results.
* The length of the text on the page (number of characters). The presence of text on the page has a lot of weight, but in different situations the size of the text may vary, so you need to know its volume.
* “Nausea” text. Shows how tightly typed the keywords are. The higher the “nausea,” the “more inhuman” the text and the greater the level of overcrowding. Search engines do not like this. On the other hand, the lack of frequency of use may not give the expected result in the promotion.
* Keyword entries: URLs, headings, and subheadings. As a rule, keywords in the address are written in Latin.
* As spelled tags: title, description, keywords. We will talk about them in detail, as they are extremely important in promotion.
* Presence in directories (SEO,YAK, DMOZ). In fig. 2.1 the column “Comment” is responsible for this.
* Age domain. The older the site, the higher the authority from the point of view of search engines.
* Number of internal links. This indicator will be required for the formation of a reference strategy, which we will discuss in other chapters. However, when analyzing competitors, it is worthwhile to collect this information at the same time in order not to return in the future.

I recommend to pay attention to the type of site that is highly ranked by seo the request of interest. For example, this is a full-fledged online store, business card or something else.
You can fill the plate using special tools-assistants (they are all free and available).

For text analysis is well suited ( or Advego (

What is the difference between domain, website and hosting?

Hosting is the home for your site, your files are hosted on hosting servers. And the domain name is the address of your “home”. If such an explanation did not satisfy the curiosity, we will add some technical details. They are useful to know if you have a website.

To get to your site, a visitor uses a domain name. It seems that it is simple, but in fact it is a whole process:

the user typed the domain name → clicked Enter → the domain is transferred to the IP address of the server → the server sends the files of your website to this user → the browser converts them to a regular web page.

Without the three components that we mentioned in the title of this article, the website cannot exist. Let’s tell about them separately.

Domain names
Computers interact with each other through the mediation of numbers, called IP addresses. Approximately the same way we use a phone number to call a friend. Domain names on the Internet – as contacts in the phone book. Phonebooks allow people to find out which number to dial to call the desired subscriber. Likewise, domains tell people (i.e. their computers) that the site is on a specific server.

Without a domain, you would have to tell site visitors that the site is located on a temporary link 123.456.789.123/- site instead of the domain name moisite.oucre. Agree, it would be extremely inconvenient.

What do you own on the Internet
What is a domain from a legal point of view? This is your address on the Internet, the only intellectual property of users and companies on the Internet. Nothing more than a domain does not belong to you. The address of the channel on YouTube is owned by Google, the Skype login is owned by Microsoft. Your Facebook account could theoretically stop working. Already, your posts in the social network can only be seen by a part of your friends, because they decided so on Facebook.

Domain can be compared with the brand. After a trademark is registered with a state body, no one can cancel its registration without a court decision. Same with the domain.

Hosting Servers

Hosting servers are like a room that you rent for your company. Initially, this room is empty, there is no furniture in it, just as there are no files on your site on the hosting server.

Without hosting servers, you would not have space on which to host your site. They can be compared with the PBX, without which you would simply be the owner of the disabled phone number. It is thanks to the telephone station telephone numbers can work.

Site files

Site files are what visitors (or even potential customers) see when they get to your site. Site files do not differ from those that you use in everyday life. For example, these can be photos in the .jpg format or music files .mp3. Site files can also be in .php or .html format (depending on what code the programmer uses to create them).

Hosting servers can “give” these files to the browser, which “reads” information about how a web page should look and displays it to a visitor.

Important for the site are all three components. For it to work quickly, the hosting servers must be physically located in the same country in which the users are located (this is also important for positions on Google). The domain name should be memorable and easy for visitors to find it easily.

Food Safety

Food Safety refers to handling, getting ready and storing food during a thanks to best scale back the dangerof people changing into sick from foodborne sicknesses.

Food safety could be a international concern that covers a spread of various areas of lifestyle.

The principles of food safety aim to forestall food from changing into contaminated and inflicting malady. this is often achieved through a spread of various avenues, a number of that are:

Properly cleansing and sanitising all surfaces, instrumentality and utensils
Maintaining a high level of non-public hygiene, particularly hand-washing
Storing, chilling and heating food properly with regards to temperature, atmosphere and instrumentality
Implementing effective tormenter management
Comprehending food allergies, malady and food intolerance
Regardless of why you’re handling food, whether or not as a part of your job or preparation reception, it’sessential to forever apply the right food safety principles. Any range of potential food hazards exist during afood handling atmosphere, several of that carry with them serious consequences.

According to the newest OzFoodNet annual report, observance the Incidence and reason for Diseases doubtless Transmitted by Food in Australia, 5.4 million cases of foodborne sickness occur annually in Australia, several of that square measure preventable. the value of those sicknesses is calculable at a staggering AUD $1.2 billion.

When relating food safety in Australian food businesses, the possession is placed alone on the business itself. It should make sure that all food handled and ready within the business is safe to eat. so as to assistthe food business fulfil this obligation, most square measure needed to use a trained Food Safety Supervisor.

For those that want to realize a basic understanding of everyday food safety, usually in order that they willhandle food safely during a business atmosphere, there’s the Food Handler course. each of those courses, though primarily completed by those that add the food business, square measure a good manner for anyone to get a basic understanding of the food safety principles and the way to use them.

Plenty of helpful info on a number of the food questions of safety that arise daily is additionally enclosedas a free resource on this web site. However, if you’re trying to realize additional in-depth data of food safety, in addition because the legislation that applies to Australian food businesses, then you ought tothink about a Food Safety Supervisor or Food Handler course.

Why I Choose Email Marketing for Best ROI

As a business owner, it’s always a good idea to effectively use the marketing tools that are bringing you the most success. Measuring success as a business typically pertains to ROI, sales/income, and new customer acquisition. Reaching your target market with content that will appeal to them, while generating income is key when spending money to market yourself as a brand. This is why it’s essential to ensure you’re using the right marketing tools to reach your audience.

So, just how do SMBs ensure they are using the best, most effective marketing tools? There is a variety to choose from today as more and more marketers are turning to the Internet to reach their target audiences. From social media and blogging to digital advertising and email marketing, businesses have a plethora of options to choose from. The right marketing tools should be able to show clear and concise improvements overall regarding reaching the desired audience, creating value for them, and in turn, loyalty, all while increasing ROI.

As social media grows in popularity, this widespread tool may not be as effective at generating ROI as most would think. So what are SMBs who need to generate a solid stream of income and leads to do? This is where I find email marketing online to be effective. With the variety of marketing tools available for SMBs, email marketing is often a favored tool for businesses who are looking to increase ROI and generate leads. I certainly choose to invest my marketing dollars into email marketing when I want a big increase in ROI, in an easy to measure, easy to test, and easy to deliver way.

The Statistics Do Not Lie

The statistics concerning email marketing and ROI are shocking. In fact, there are so many wonderful stats surrounding the effectiveness of email marketing that Campaign Monitor put together a list of the best, and most current statistics concerning online email marketing today. For a communications medium that was rumored to be dying, email has certainly proven otherwise through the effectiveness of marketing to target audiences to sell and promote products and services. Even DMA (the Data and Marketing Association) claims that email is the top channel for digitally generating ROI. In fact, as reported by Campaign Monitor, for every $1 invested into email marketing, the average return is $44. This makes email a very wise investment for businesses who want to see their brands and revenues grow, as the average ROI for one dollar invested into email marketing equates to 4400% in growth.

If you think that’s shocking, here are some of our favorite statistics we found listed by Campaign Monitor that concern online email marketing:

  • Messages are five times more likely to be read via email than on Facebook. –Radicati
  • Email acquires 40 times more new customers than Twitter or Facebook –McKinsey
  • Your content will be shared with your email followers three times more than any other visitors. –QuickSprout
  • 92% of all adults online use email, and 61% use it on any given day. –Pew Research
  • Targeted and segmented emails account for generating 58% of all revenues. –DMA
  • Email open rates are highest when a company sends two emails monthly. –Database Marketing Institute

When the statistics are lied out, it’s easy to see why I believe SMBs are wise to invest in their email marketing strategies. It’s cost effective and affordable to do, it reaches more people than social media (supposing you have a well-established email list), and it converts into sales and profits more effectively than social media marketing.

It’s Simple to Build an Email List

Where finding leads may seem daunting to those who are looking for new ways to market themselves, it’s incredibly simple to build an email list, and much less intimidating for both those who give you their information and those who are seeking someone’s email address.

One great way I have helped companies build their email lists is by creating content they can offer online that is valuable to viewers, such as a downloadable eBook, or guide, that offers useful tips and advice. Once viewers decide they value what clients are offering and click to download the eBook, they are prompted to enter their personal information online. This information is stored and used to build an email list that can effectively reach those who are interested in a particular product, brand or industry. The link to download the eBook may be included in website copy, blogs, social media, and also via email.

Email Marketing Is Easy to Automate

In addition to email marketing generating the best possible ROI, when done correctly, it is incredibly easy to automate an email marketing campaign so that the time put into it is minimal, and you can focus on the tasks that come with running your own business. With only two emails being sent each month for optimal open rates, this is easy to do, and there are a variety of email marketing tools that are available for businesses who want some email marketing help today.

When I work with setting up email marketing for my clients, I use programs and software that specialize in email marketing. There are a variety of programs available on the market today that make creating and sending emails super simple. Once you have a good template that represents your brand in the way you see fit, it is easy to switch out content, and schedule campaigns to send to certain customers at specific times. Choosing the best time to send your emails will depend entirely upon your unique brand, and your unique target market, but a good email automation program will help you to determine which times are most optimal for emailing your lists, and you may also run AB tests to ensure your emails are being scheduled to send at the most profitable times possible.

Email Campaigns are Easy to Test, Tweak, and Track

Email marketing is one of the easiest marketing mediums to measure, as the metrics are super simple to access, and read. Email marketing platforms will often show you your bounce rates, open rates, and click-through rates for your emails. Having such great analytics makes testing the effectiveness of certain elements of your email campaigns easy also. You may want to run AB tests concerning your email title, the time you send it, how you personalize the email, which CTA button is most effective, and where on your website you’re able to get the most information for your campaigns. Email campaigns can also be easily divided into segments based on data and research, and have been found to increase revenues by 760% on average.

Emails are Easy to Personalize

It’s important to personalize your emails to clients, as a personalized email can result in transaction rates that are six times higher, according to Experian. A great email automation service will allow you to personalize your emails with the click of a button so that it looks like to sent the email just for every individual on your list.

It’s much easier to personalize an email than a message sent over social media. And according to the stats, it’s going to increase your profits much more as well. Think about how you feel when you see an email come through that has your first name in the title. It’s the small details, and personal touches that often make the biggest impact when it comes to marketing yourself via email.

Email is Easy to Access

With the prevalence of smartphones today, most people have access to their email at all times from the touch of a button on their phones. This is why optimizing all email content for mobile devices is key. Many email marketing programs have the tool that will allow for mobile optimization, and this is of the utmost importance if you want your emails to stand out not only on a computer but the screen of a smartphone as well. Have you ever tried to open an email that wasn’t optimized for mobile on your cell phone? It’s fairly difficult to reach, and you may have to scroll all over the place in order just to take in one sentence. The display must be simplified, and formatted in a way that it will be easy to reach when viewers open an email on a cell phone or tablet.

In fact, according to Campaign Monitor, approximately 53% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. That’s just over half of all emails. What’s more is that of the 900 million Gmail users, 75% of them have access to their accounts on their mobile devices. That’s a lot of people using email on their phones, and that is for one email server alone, and over time this number seems to be increasing. This is why mobile optimization is key, and a necessity for businesses who use email, as users will likely be notified immediately, and if you want them to click to open it rather than delete it, the content must be valuable attention-grabbing, and easy to read.

Now that you can see the value and potential, the proper use of email marketing to reach your target audience can bring, what are your plans for using email to generate profits and leads, and increase ROI? Many eCommerce businesses will use newsletters and email campaigns to make their target audience aware of sales, promotions, and other important information about their brands. Keeping viewers in the loop about your product or services, and coming up with content your audience will find value in consistently is key.

Now that you have the information about the effectiveness of implementing an email marketing campaign and access to the tools you need to do it, your biggest task will be providing your audience with what they want and tweaking your campaigns in ways that bring you the greatest results. Email marketing is a wonderful business tool that all companies would be wise to start taking advantage of.


Do you want to begin your own sweepstake gaming business? Excellent! If your answer is yes, you need a professionals’ guidance or a perfect plan for it. If you are seeking something online for it, you are in the correct place. From advance, Sweepstakes Software gaming to hardware and everything that is needed for a sweepstake, online casino software, and internet cafe software is represented right here for you.


For making a high profit from your business, partnering with a good sweepstake software providers is also a good thing to do.


Besides this here are some essential tips for you that will well support you to set up a successful sweepstake cafe gaming business:



Before setting any business, it is vital for every one manager to be prepared for some things already. No doubt internet cafe sweepstakes business is a significant investment but to make it more prosperous; you will have to make some other efforts.


Firstly you will have to decide on the location for your online game cafe. After that, you must prepare for some expenses related to decorations, renovation, painting, lighting, and electrical work.


Is there any lack of license or permission? Will you pay taxes? Are there legal problems you have to handle them? What things can lead your business towards a successful path? Everything should be apparent to you.



Getting a right sweepstake software is required for the success of your business. Something you may think acquiring cheap gaming software will be the right thing as you save the money. Yes, it is right! But dear friends, this kind of software can’t provide that gaming experience that your clients are looking for.


So, it is desirable to you that choose some excellent sweepstakes software, which can offer great fun to gamers.


We are not saying go for an expensive one, but at least check the spec of the software whether it matches with your needs or not, before making the final choice.



This is another essential aspect you need to consider to run a booming cafe. You should always go with the web-based games, as these types of games guarantee 100% uptime, easy setup, instant automatic updates, less price and also gamers can play from their place.


But the central question arises here is, “How will you know whether the sweepstakes game is web-based or not?” Some of you know the answer, but those who are unaware of it can get the right answer here! Web-based games can be played through the web, these types of games can also be performed right on your PC’s.


And the games which aren’t web-based show images only that look like sweepstakes game. Another critical factor necessary for setting up an online sweepstakes café is choosing a quality game and also the first choice of gamblers.


For a strong online sweepstakes business, it is crucial for you to consider these critical aspects. For the completion of the sweepstakes business, it is essential for you to get the best quality sweepstakes software, provider.




Sweepstakes software games are a favorite kind of play, which gives away opportunities to win prizes to people in return for them purchasing their service or product. This product or service could internet access, phone card, or donations. This is a kind of gamble and for the same reason even holds some legality issues.

For running a sweepstakes games parlor, one would need a computer terminal and a sweepstakes gaming software. Some internet cafe sweepstakes providers would develop the required game for you, besides helping you in installing it at the gaming booths. Sweepstake software is also deployed for marketing and promotional campaigns by small or big businesses. If you love the idea and want to boost your business with sweepstakes gaming parlors, look for the best internet sweepstakes café software companies around you, and get started.

How to Choose Software for Online Sweepstakes Games

Sweepstakes Software games have grown as a way to boost businesses around the globe. As people have been using sweepstakes games online, for improving their website reach with each increasing visitor.

But for active efforts, good sweepstakes software is required and choosing one can be difficult at times. Here’s a list as to how to select the best sweepstakes online software provider.

  • Legal Compliance: An online sweepstakes gaming Software Company should be complying with the legality aspect of the gaming industry. Sweepstakes games are not legal everywhere, as they are thought to a gamble of some kind. Legal compliance makes sure that the sweepstakes gaming software is regulated and fulfills the integrity and authentication criteria for safe playing. Look for partnerships that offer software versions such as No Chance, full disclosure or usual sweepstakes as they satisfy the legal requirements.

    Ability to keep a Gamer Hooked-Up
    : Sweepstakes games should be such, that the player becomes addicted to the game. If the game does not even hold the capability to keep a player hooked-up, there is no point in providing such a game. Make sure that exciting features such as jackpots, free spins and games and bonus rounds are made available. This will ensure for an exciting online game; everyone would fall for.

    Availability of a variety of games
    : Some games to choose from allow people to try different sports. And, working different games means more time and money spent by clients. Make sure the software you select helps you provide some games in all genres so that no one leaves the café without playing.

    Excellent Customer Support
    : In case of any assistance regarding the developed games, customer assistance is needed. Choose the best sweepstakes gaming Software Company that has a fantastic customer and technical support.

    Provides Demos for Different Games
    : A sweepstakes software corporation that allows free demos for many games helps turn any business into a successful one. Running demos assists in attracting more clients. This is because anyone visiting the site would love to at least try the game once.

These were some requirements that your sweepstakes software should be satisfying. Look for the software that gives the best sweepstakes games online, and chooses wisely, as your choice will decide your businesses’ success.




There is plenty of ideas that more than two-thirds of Internet users are choosing Chrome as their web browser. It’s fast, it’s available on the go, and its syncing features are fantastic. But you might know that Chrome itself can be an excellent resource for when you’re playing at online casinos. So, we have set together with a panel of 9 of our favorite gaming tools for Chrome. Check them out!



Let’s be real: sometimes we do not want people to know we are playing online. It’s not that there’s anything opposite with gambling. (If we thought that, we wouldn’t be here!) But if you have got uptight in-laws visiting or interested kids to worry about, you might not want to get arrested.


That’s where PanicButton comes in. This free engine lets you hide all your tabs with just a single button. When you are all alone again, you can click the button to go right where you left off. It’s easy, works right off the bat, and can save you from some awkward conversations.



Chrome’s new tab page is beautiful, and all, but the Awesome New Tab Page leads it to a whole other level. This extension gives you a completely customizable canvas to work with every time you open up a new tab. Add your shortcuts, plop in all kinds of widgets, and arrange it to fit your needs. It’s a great way to get easy access to all your favorite online casinos and resources.



Ever hit a big win but could not figure out how to memorialize it? That’s not a problem with the Awesome Screenshot extension. Download it to your Chrome browser, and the next time you get that pure spin, capture it immediately with just a click. The app even lets you add explanations and blur out personal information.



We are creatures of habit. Even when we were hoping for a crazy jackpot, we all seem to have our patterns for doing it. So if you are playing at multiple online casinos, Categorizer is worth looking into. This app sorts your favorite sites based on when you like to visit them. It’s especially helpful if you don’t want to forget a particular casino’s weekly bonuses.



When you find something fresh on the web, you might want to share it with family, friends, or colleagues. The quickest way to do that? Email This Page. This Chrome extension lets you immediately send a page link to anyone through your Gmail or your preferred email client. It’s particularly useful if you have got gambling friends that enjoy hearing about the latest news or juicy promos.



Online casinos do a lot to protect you, but nothing can keep you safe if you don’t have good password habits. That’s where LastPass comes in handy. This free password manager assigns you automatically create passwords that no one will ever be able to guess for each online casino you visit. The only passcode you have to remember is the one you use for the extension!



Ever found an excellent article but were too busy to read it? Been there, done that. And if you are like me, you probably can’t see it again when you do have the time. This is where Pocket is a life-saver. Just add articles, reviews, and other cool pages to your Pocket and read them at any time. You can also connect it with your mobile to catch up on your reading on the go.



It’s a vital part of responsible gambling. But we know that it’s easy to get carried away and lose track of the time. Cool Clock is a right way you can avoid this. This Chrome extension can be used to make little reminders at certain times. You can even set it to create pop-ups. Never forget to cook dinner again!



No one likes filling out forms, mainly when you are trying out a new online casino and want to get to the fun. But if you get an error after spending 5 minutes filling out the registration form, you probably don’t want to type all that over again.


One of the best resolutions to this problem is Lazarus: Form Recovery. It’s a simple but effective Chrome extension that temporarily saves what you type just in case something goes wrong. Goodbye, frustration!


Beef up your browser

These 9 Chrome extensions are all excellent choices for your online gambling magazine. What’s your favorite? Share your thoughts over on our forum!




I have used a lot of different digital marketing strategies over the years. SEO has been the fundamental one. Content marketing comes a close second. But I have also used influencer marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing, pay per click advertising, email marketing. If it is “marketing” and “digital,” I have probably done it. But there is one form of marketing that does not fit neatly into the “digital” category. It is a mashup of professional, personal, social, digital, content, and whatever else. It is personal branding. Personal branding is huge.

In fаct, if you expect to succeed in any way in today’s digitally-driven world socially-connected, you have to build your personal brand.

Personal branding is not just for celebrities. It is not just for big-shot entrepreneurs, for wantrepreneur, for selfie-obsessed egotists, for everybody!

An article in Elite Daily puts it like this:

We usually consider that branding as something done only by large corporations, but everyone has a personal brand. You may fill a back office role in a large agency, but you still need personal branding. You can be an introvert who avoids other people, but you still need personal branding.

If I were to pick one form of marketing that has been crucial to my professional success, personal development, and level of achievement, I would have to say it is personal branding.

In fact, I can point to some moments when my personal brand has provided me with clients. Over the years, I have learned several super helpful tips for developing my own brand to build my customer base. My new audiences haven’t always overgrown. It takes years to build credibility and grow your influence.

Personal branding is hard that way. You cannot simply pull out a few strategies, throw some money at it, and expect it to work. Thankfully, however, some tried-and-true methods will give you a real edge. Some of them are basic (being authentic and honest), others are creative (investing in strong visuals).

All of them work. Give them a chance. Take some time, and your personal brand will be a source of customers, just as it has with me.

The tips that follow are inclined towards content. Along with your personal brand creating, you should also be using content marketing for your growth.


The number one tip for demonstrating your expertise is through long-form, rock-solid, super-helpful content. Content wins the day. It is just that simple. You have to set yourself aside in an online space, where you’re competing with other brands for the attention of your new clients.

To do this, show you’re an expert in your area.

You can do this by building your credibility by talking about the customers you have worked with, and the years you have been in the business.

But you can also communicate this more creatively through Buzzfeed-like lists and tip sheets, which can give your audience information that values in their lives.

Showing you are an expert means two things:

-being an actual expert;

-choosing a field of expertise.

Do not let number one trip you up.

Have you ever heard the words “fake it till you make it?”

There is some truth to that. If you do not feel like an expert, do not sweat it. Just act like one.

Pretty soon, you will become one (even if you do not feel it). Then, you can show you are one.


You cannot leave Millennials or Generation Y out of the mix when you’re building your personal brand to leverage a new audience.

Want to know why? Here is why.

Generation Y will be the number one demographic that sees and reacts to your personal brand.

One of the most critical changes you can make in your branding communication is the social media platforms you use and the kinds of content you produce. Why? Because Generation Y is the socially associated generation.

Use favorite social networks such as Snapchat and Instagram to market your personal brand. Also, develop content such as videos to grab the attention of your audience and market your expertise.


One of the most important things you can do as you market your personal brand is to remain open and authentic. Case in point is entrepreneur and coach Leigh Louey-Gung, who created a strong business for himself through a process of complete honesty.

Leigh was excited about helping other entrepreneurs and created Secure Thoughts to help train them about maintaining privacy on the web. We’re marketers at the end of the day, and you’re crafting a personal story about yourself.

Remember, you always have to come through on your commitments and back up what you say to your audience. If you do not, they’ll have no problem walking away. Many of the customers I serve today came to me because some other agency scammed them. I was able to keep my promises, to maintain my integrity, and give them results.


I hesitate to say it, but if someone sees low-quality photos on your website, they’ll subconsciously perceive you as unprofessional or as not trustworthy.

Get on the top of the game by having high-quality photos of yourself taken for your website. Your photos and website may be your new user’s first impression of you! When I am looking for a new hire, I cannot help but base my impression of them on their LinkedIn photo.

I am trying very tough not to be biased against a drunken party or blurry profile pic, but it is hard! One of the best ways to get customers through your personal branding is to look the part!


One of the quickest ways you can use your personal brand to develop your target audience is by giving something away.

And I do not mean just anything. If you can give away a particular product related to your personal brand, you have a higher chance of attracting a new audience.

Entrepreneur Magazine, for instance, highlights the case study of a women’s boutique that gave away a kimono to attract new clients.

This tactic works really well for building a personal brand. Let’s say you are building a personal brand as a copywriter. Attract clients by asking them to enter a contest by submitting their email addresses. The prize could be free copywriting for a week or copywriting for a particular project. Simple? Sure. But effective? Definitely.


Have you noticed a lot of people’s Twitter sounds the same? Social marketing guru. Cat lover. Coffee aficionado. If you are not intentional, your work at personal branding might not be making you known. Sounds familiar, right? There’re ways to set yourself apart, but it might feel awkward. For instance, I learned that wearing sunglasses allowed me to build my personal brand.

The people who do great at personal branding, always have one thing they are well known for. It might be weird. It might be awkward. But it makes them unforgettable!

What about face-to-face personal brand building and networking?

You must have a business card on hand that sets you apart. Think creatively, but make sure your card is simple and gives the information a new customer needs.

Try a card, for instance, that is made of a smooth paper is a die-cut or has a non-standard shape. These cards are more interesting and can give a bigger impression.


Even though we call it personal branding, it is not 100% personal. You cannot do this on your own. And you should not even try.

Personal branding is all about connecting with others, helping others, serving others, learning from others, getting to know others,  adding value to others.

If you inspect personal branding as a form of marketing (which it is), you have to identify what the heart of marketing is.

What is the heart of marketing?

No, it is not shouting your message to the masses. It is giving value to the right people! Some of my best customers started out as friends of friends. For instance, early in my career, I met a person at a conference. His personal behavior and \grooming left a lot to be desired.

Most people ignored this person. I spent some time with him and helped him out, doing what I could. Finally, he introduced me to more customers!

I did not realize it when I helped him the first time, but this guy was connected! And through him, I earned many more customers.

Over time, your relationships will help promote your personal brand and lead to a growing audience.

You may not be able to become best friends forever with Tim Ferriss in your first few days of personal branding. Over time, however, you will build the right connections with the right audience and get the right customers.


Blogging is a fantastic way to form relationships and become an expert specialist. My first blog post ever has hundreds of newsletter subscriptions, gotten over 14,000 visitors, 40+ comments,  and has introduced me to some marvelous people. Start by blogging about topics that match to your services, and will appeal to prospective customers.

Peep Laja writes a blog about conversion optimization, which is filled with blogs that help companies expand their conversion rates, and make more money. By posting quality content, Peep is viewed as a specialist on conversion optimization, which allows him generates new business and build an audience for his consultancy.

The critical question that comes up with blogging is how to drive traffic to your posts. After publishing a blog, I like to post it to Inbound, GrowthHackers, Reddit (find a subreddit for your blog niche), Hacker News, and my Twitter. You should also email each person or company you mention in the post, with a note that you have mentioned them. I also reach out to my network and send a link to the audience who I consider might find my post interesting. This usually is enough to get the ball rolling and to get some traffic to the post. Blogging takes a lot of time, mainly since you need to do it consistently, for better results. Scripted is an excellent content writing service you can use to outsource your blog post writing.


Experiment with these eight pro tips for leveraging your personal brand to find more committed, and larger target audience.

As marketers, we have to be ready to take a few risks and to be original in our approach.

You can use these tips to attract and cultivate your audience, but you will need to deliver on your content promises.

Your clients will not be pleased in the long run if you are not giving them new valuable information applicable to their products or lives that can make a difference for them.

If you are ready to start developing your audience and to attract new clients, use the tips in this article—they have worked for me as I have built my personal brand.

You will be on your way to chart a new path for your company and creating energy around your services and products.

Are you ready for an overhaul of your personal brand?



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