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The payment methods for online casino

When choosing an online casino, the most important priority should be understanding of its banking methods. The extent to which detailed information is provided by an online casino about its payment system directly affects the quality, but even if everything is done correctly, players may have questions.

The payment methods for online casino :
1. Depositing and withdrawing funds
2. Credit Cards – Tradition and Simplicity
3. Electronic Wallets – Privacy
4. Read the fine print
This is what this article was written for. In it you can learn about depositing and withdrawing funds from an account at an online casino and about one of the best payment methods at an online casino.

Online Casino Software

Deposit and withdrawal
In essence, the process of financial operations at online casinos for players consists of two actions: depositing and withdrawing funds. Replenishment is the first step that allows players to start playing in a casino and make bets on real money. It is customary to associate a deposit with bonuses offered by the casino, for example, bonuses for joining, return of part of the loss, or simply standard bonuses that offer different amounts.

Withdrawals are the reverse action when players decide to withdraw money. The main rule: withdrawals take more time than replenishment, because online casino cashiers need to process a lot of actions before they confirm the winnings of the players. Waiting is also associated with the method of withdrawal: withdrawal using a credit card will almost certainly occur faster than using an electronic wallet, but this is different in different casinos.

Credit Cards – Tradition and Simplicity
Online casino players usually prefer to carry out such financial operations using credit and debit cards like MasterCard, Visa and Maestro, preferring traditions and simplicity: they know how the payment method works, and they should not sign up anywhere.

When paying by credit card, the commission is also usually lower, and withdrawals are faster. Recent statistics have shown that players in countries such as Germany, Australia and Canada prefer this method.


Electronic Wallets – Privacy
The use of electronic wallets has become the standard in online casinos, inferior in popularity only to credit cards. Electronic wallets are valued for the privacy factor, because they act as an intermediary between online casinos and the player’s bank. During a transaction, the online casino does not receive any player’s banking information.

Skrill and Neteller are considered the most popular payment systems, and many new players prefer them, because they already have an account on the service and are used to it. Click2Pay and Sofort also take the lead: Click2Pay is valued for its system of advantages, and Sofort is especially popular among German players.


Read the fine print
Be sure to always read the fine print while playing in an online casino. It is important to understand the policies of the institution. Players should be aware of withdrawal limits and verification procedures that are used in online casinos when withdrawing funds.

For more information :

Online casino software,license

What should be casino software
As mentioned earlier, casino software does the most important thing – it drives all games and programs and represents the online casino platform itself. Let us emphasize once again how gaming software should be:

High quality and uninterrupted, to meet all the requirements of the gameplay.

Maximum functional. The player should not have any questions about what is intended for one or another button or icon.
Have high speed. All games, taken together, have a large enough weight and volume, and they must open and work quickly.
Maintain online and mobile formats. This factor will be especially attractive for players, because everyone today loves to play on the phone.


How to get a gambling license
Permits are always troublesome to obtain, and a license to engage in gambling activities always causes special concern to the authorities and tax authorities. Let us clarify the approximate list of documents that are necessary to obtain a license, and we immediately note that these are mainly copies. So, to prepare a package for licensing, the following documents are required:

Registration certificate of legal entity.
Charter of the company.
Passports of all the founders of the company.
The decision of the constituent assembly on the definition of the name of the company.
Documents that prove that you have an office (bills for electricity, rent, gas, etc.).
Documents on the availability of bank accounts and the availability of sufficient funds on them (in each jurisdiction these requirements are different).
Business plan of work with indication of the expected income.
A copy of all these documents must be sent by the business owner to the company with which he has entered into a license purchase agreement. The exceptions are statements from the bank on the availability of funds (this should be the original, certified by a notary).

When choosing a jurisdiction that will issue a license, it is worth remembering that upon receiving this document, you will be forced to adhere to the laws of this state.

Gambling licenses are issued by small states, which are profitable to receive money for the issuance of these documents, and their tax requirements are low. Among such countries is the Isle of Man, Estonia, for example. To get acquainted with the list, you can go to specialized sites that talk about licensing.


Reliability guarantee
With the emergence of new casinos, new opportunities appear to make money on it – not only their owners, but also scammers who receive bonuses, for example, for registration or for bringing a new player. All of them will do well, but under other people’s documents, creating the appearance of registering new users, and each time receiving bonuses in the form of 10-50 dollars to his account.

There are several types of fraud, from which the site needs protection, so the security service here is enough work. Each owner of the gambling business should pay special attention to the issue of security and record all suspicious registrations.


Quality of service
The developers are trying to make the functions as simple as possible, but this is not enough for excellent service. Of great importance is the work of technical support, which operates around the clock. Experts must quickly and competently answer any question a player has.

Users appreciate attentive and polite attitude and efficiency, and then share with other players in chat rooms and forums, telling how well they were served. Consequently, their interlocutors also willingly go to the sites of such casinos. And maybe quite the opposite – and then the institution will gradually lose its visitors.

How to attract visitors to the site
As we noted earlier, the new site needs players, without them the casino will not bring money: users replenish their deposits and make bets, most of which go to the institution.


In order for the players to remain in the casino, attractive conditions are created for them: favorable bonuses, prizes, progressive jackpots. Such factors will provide an online casino platform.

But, besides this, it is necessary to make sure that these people learn a lot of good things about your casino, and for starters, that it exists, works and guarantees winnings.

It is necessary to think in detail about the bonuses and offer them for registering on the site, for attracting new users, for deposit replenishment, etc.
You can organize promotions dedicated to any holidays, or come up with their own unique promotions.
An important role will play a kind of advertising in social networks, where you can create groups, talk about the new company and loyalty programs in it.
New casinos and companies engaged in marketing, advertising or consulting in this area will help.

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How to find IMEI on iPhone 7

Nothing can be said about a smartphone more than an IMEI number; especially when buying a gadget with hands. Unfortunately, with the release of new iPhones, Apple began to more carefully “hide” the device identification number, and the search for IMEI for an unprepared person has ceased to be a trivial task.

If you have any difficulties associated with IMEI – call at any time for help or even if your iPhone 7 is not working you can bring us to the diagnosis.

How to find IMEI on iPhone 7
The identification number of the mobile device is a kind of “passport” of the smartphone: IMEI allows you to establish the authenticity of the gadget, determine its ownership to one or another owner, and access the official support service – any iPhone “out of the box” comes with a one-year warranty; id help.

Today, we will look at the role of an identifier when purchasing and using a smartphone, as well as analyze all the main ways of obtaining data on the IMEI device.

What can IMEI say on the iPhone 7 when buying a smartphone with hands?
The acquisition of a mobile phone in the secondary market, as well as the “gray” sellers, is always fraught with some risk. Minimize the chance of difficulties when buying a smartphone by comparing IMEI on the iPhone 7 with the data sewn into the system.

On older iPhones, the identification number was directly on the lid of the device: accordingly, if the smartphone case is in good condition and all the numbers are the same, then the gadget most likely has not been seriously damaged.

Starting with the iPhone 6s and, accordingly, the iPhone 7, the identifier was transferred to the SIM card tray, as can be seen in the image below.

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IMEI на корпусе iPhone 7

Thus, it was more difficult to find out if the smartphone went through a repair. However, if the number on the SIM card tray coincides with the numbers on the box, the smartphone is “clean”. Unfortunately, this can not give the buyer a full guarantee: for example, smartphones “restored” from poor-quality components often receive “cloned” components with the same IMEI.

Tips To Help With IPhone Headphone Jack Repairs.

But the right and the opposite: among ordinary users, the trays of SIM-cards are often lost and subject to replacement, and the “left” number with the same probability can only say about the carelessness of the seller.

How to find out the exact IMEI device?
Fortunately, the IMEI on the iPhone 7 is not the only way to find out the real device ID.

The easiest way to verify the real identification number is to open the application for calls and dial the code * # 06 #. In addition, a unique IMEI can be found in the Settings application (“About this device” tab), as shown in the image:

Alternatively, the IMEI number can be found using iTunes: to do this, connect the device to the phone, start the program and open the information window of the smartphone. In order to find out the identifier, double-click on the “Phone Number” line (IMEI will appear in place of the mobile number; this menu also stores information about other data like MEID and ICCID).

Cracked IPhone Screen – What Do I Do Following?

The identification number of the smartphone can be found and remotely, for this you need to open iTunes and go to the settings (the shortcut Command +,). Going to the “Devices” tab, you will find a list of your gadgets. Enough to hover the cursor on the desired device, and in the pop-up window will appear all the necessary information.

IPhone Problems – How To Fix Them On Your Own – IPhone Repair In Los Angeles

Expert Tips: How to choose the right service?
Never used to repair electronics?
Not sure where to start? First of all – do not worry! Signs of good and quality service are immediately visible. We have prepared instructions for those who are looking for a workshop or Apple repair service center.

Key elements of an effective LinkedIn profile

Key elements of an effective LinkedIn profile

In the context of LinkedIn, this new structure should be reflected in all parts of the LinkedIn profile. For example:

How to Get Noticed on LinkedIn

1. Profile picture
In addition to having 14 times more LinkedIn profile views than photos without a photo, the profile image must be consistent with the transmitted tone and image.
A unique value proposition that speaks about the presence in the meeting room should contain a profile image in which the subject is properly dressed, with the appropriate dignity and gravity, the reader will be wisely associated with this type of context.

2. Title
The message must be crystal clear within these 120 characters – remember that this part of the profile accompanies the LinkedIn user name wherever it occurs on the site. Also, see the summary below. Popularly share different ideas with | or * characters.
Since LinkedIn offers users to automatically fill it in with their current name, in most cases there is absolutely nothing unique about the title. This makes the title not a vivid branding statement, but rather camouflage – exactly the opposite of what you want.

How to Automate LinkedIn Connections

3. Summary
Keywords relevant to your value proposition should appear early and often in the summary text and be distributed as a whole. Researching other users with similar experiences and names can provide valuable suggestions for including keywords.

4. Skills
Although a good skill list costs 11 times more profile views to make sure that the profile is approved for the most appropriate skills, it is a bit more complicated. One way to get appropriate approvals is to maintain a strictly controlled list of skills and discard any proposed skills until the desired level of approval is achieved.

5. Public Profile URL
Often undervalued, the ability to customize, LinkedIn allows users to customize the URL of a public profile, and a LinkedIn profile is available to all users online. If the desired name is not yet used by another member, the URL can be configured by including a degree or certification, profession, location (name, postal code or area code) or something else. This is a great branding opportunity.

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6. Experience
Each job, even for the same employer, is distributed up to 2000 characters. Describe each employer in positive terms, especially if the name is not known (yet). Mention the best products or services, especially regarding your work. As in the interview, do not touch anyone.
For each job, focus on making your achievements and contributions very clear. In each position there is the opportunity to share interactive content: whitepaper, PowerPoint, video, etc. They add attention to the color splashes to your profile, and also give you the opportunity to showcase your experience.
Most employers can be found fairly easily on LinkedIn, but especially if part of the unique value proposition is the history of work in “blue fish employers.” Make sure that the name of the employer in your profile refers to the LinkedIn page for that person.
If mergers and acquisitions have supplanted a corporate entity, list the successor organization. This demonstrates awareness of the current state of the former employer.

7. Recommendations
Attached to a LinkedIn profile position, these were the original endorsements. Although recommendations are less common now, they remain an important part of LinkedIn.
Recommendations that highlight a unique value proposition, especially when a key achievement depends on a part of it, are a fantastic way to get the message home. They can be provided only to those users of the LinkedIn network with whom the invitation to connect was sent and accepted.

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Bottom line
One of the problems with a LinkedIn profile is that it is created iteratively, often over a long period of time, and not in a single seat. As a consequence, some profile elements may begin from the moment the profile was first created, while others have a later vintage and without rhyme or reason. Profile elements accumulate over time without a single vision, which gives the reader something other than a smooth, cohesive image.
A strategic, top-down review of a LinkedIn profile ensures that a cohesive image is an impression.

For useful information,Linkedin tools and etc :

Grab Recruiter Attention with LinkedIn

Reinforce your profile with LinkedIn projects. Find out more ways to attract employer and professional interests in LinkedIn?

Look beyond the commonly used areas of the site (for example, resumes, experience or education) and in the “Projects” section.

The “Projects” section is a powerful part of LinkedIn that affects the site search algorithm.

Projects should NOT represent official initiatives from your work history.

Useful information : B2B Sales Definitions

Some projects have official names, such as Project Gemini from NASA, but most projects have unofficial names that simply describe the task being performed, such as website conversion, email distribution, or inventory update. These informal projects are in order.

The “Projects” section can ease your search ability as a candidate, especially when you add a significant amount of keywords related to these projects.

How to use LinkedIn projects section
Add projects that show the desired skill sets, group and individual work efforts, new opportunities or the informal use of valuable skills that reinforce your brand message.

Projects must be “tied” to any work in the “Experience” section or to articles in the “Education” section – whether it is current events or from your professional history.

The key is to emphasize the type of project that is important for your target employers in order to demonstrate your value as a potential employee, be it a specific area of ​​expertise or an industry term common to your area.

Grab a Recruiter Attention to LinkedIn Projects To get started with projects, open your profile.

Go to the “Add Profile” section (shown to the left) in the blue box at the top right of your profile.

Then click the down arrow next to “Achievements.”

Click on the word “Projects” or the “+” button on the proper.

Click on the word “Projects” or the “+” button on the right.

A form will open that you can fill out for each project.

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Fill in the data using the following strategies:

Project name
This field has a strong ranking in the LinkedIn search algorithm, so you need to add a description in which, if possible, skills or positions will be marked.

For example, a Project Manager who has performed small SAP deployments may add the “Project Manager – SAP Modifications, Finance Module”. A sales representative who is applying for a role in managing the team (but currently only trained junior colleagues) can add “Sales Management” as the name of the project to describe the current efforts to train other novice sales professionals.

A project name can also be a major initiative mentioned in your employer’s marketing materials, for example, introducing a new opportunity for customers or releasing the next generation software.

As you can see, the project name can represent any area of ​​your experience, work history or skills, with an idea of ​​further marketing your capabilities.

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Project Dates or Ongoing
As in many other areas of LinkedIn, you can either ignore the date requirement, specify only the year, or provide both the month and the year for the start and end of the project. If your Project entry is to display the current knowledge area, click Project Ongoing.

Linked to
Here LinkedIn allows you to select the “Experience” or “Education” entry that is most applicable to the project. This could be your current job, past role, previous university research, or current coursework. If you use the “Projects” section to highlight the current skill presented in more than one position, the most likely choice here will be your current assignment.

Project URL
If it is necessary and available for sharing by people outside your employer’s organization, a hyperlink to your project (be it an online document, video or web page) will provide viewers with additional means to view your work. Please note: unlike LinkedIn multimedia features, your profile does not display a thumbnail of this link.

Project Description
This information, which is almost as important as the “Project Name” field, can be used to provide additional information about a particular key. Of course, you can add significant text to describe a large project with your employer, but keep in mind that a short description (related to your brand) will give more keyword density (the ratio of keywords to all the words in your profile) and, therefore, increase your find.

For example, an installation manager who works on upgrading a company’s manufacturing systems may add “Increased Production” in the “Project Name” field with “Operations Management to Increase Production Capacity” in the description. An IT manager who converts systems to cloud platforms can add a project called “Cloud Platform” with a brief description, such as “Switching to a cloud platform from local solutions”.

The essence
Keep in mind that not only projects show employers that you have made additional efforts in your work, this LinkedIn area will provide more power to keywords for your profile.

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iPhone 5 Charging Connector Replacement

Greetings to you, our dear readers. Today we will learn to change the charging connector in Apple iPhone 5. It is not easy, but useful and interesting.

For the analysis, we need: a 3.6mm pendent, a 1.6mm Phillips screwdriver (figured), a screen sucker, a plastic opening tool, a slotted screwdriver, and a lot of patience.

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1 Шаг: откручиваем два нижних болта

Step 2: remove the screen with a suction cup (very carefully, so as not to tear off the trains), and after the plate (it rests on three bolts), which holds 3 loops

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How To Take Best Photos Using Your Phone?

Step 3: now disconnect the three loops of the Touch screen, make similar operations with a plastic opening tool. Do not forget to remove the battery and remove the SIM card



Step 4: when we disconnected the cables, we will need to unscrew the bolts that hold the board and the communication unit (a cross and slotted screwdriver will be required)


Step 5: Carefully remove the board and the unit. Below there are also loops, they need to be disabled

Step 6: now we have to disassemble the communication unit. It consists of two parts: a speaker, microphone and charging connector. Of course, it is desirable to change everything in the collection (speaker + connector).


Step 7: if you did everything correctly, you can proceed to the installation of a new connector and the assembly of your Apple iPhone 5. The assembly is carried out in the reverse order. Good luck!

İphone Repair Service :

LinkedIn: social network for hiring

LinkedIn: preferred social network for hiring
With more than 500 million members in more than 200 countries (in the third quarter of 2017), LinkedIn is the most “adult” and professional social networking site at the moment. Compared to Facebook, LinkedIn is also the most respected member of privacy.

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According to the JobVite recruiters survey, the use of social networks for recruiting has expanded, and this trend is expected to continue.

LinkedIn is clearly leading in many ways.

Hiring: When it comes to hiring, 78% of recruiters are hired through a social network, and the leading network for hiring is LinkedIn very widely (see Image on the left). While 92% of recruiters hired through LinkedIn, only 24% hired through Facebook, and 14% hired through Twitter.

Recruiting: The majority of 94% of recruiters who use (or will use) social networks for recruiting will use LinkedIn, and LinkedIn’s preference is significant, with 94% of “social” recruiters using it against 65% of social recruits using Facebook and 55% of social recruiters. using Twitter.

Useful blog : LinkedIn limits for basic and premium  accounts

LinkedIn is the most popular site for recruiters, as the data below shows. LinkedIn social recruiters clearly dominate key goals, according to a recent JobVite survey:

95% of hr  using LinkedIn to search for candidates.
95% using LinkedIn to contact candidates
93% using LinkedIn to “track” potential candidates.
93% using LinkedIn for “interviewing candidates before an interview” (versus 32% on Facebook and 18% on Twitter).
92% posted jobs on LinkedIn (up from 48% on Facebook and 39% on Twitter).

Learn How to  Get  LinkedIn Profile Views

Recruiters indicated that they checked candidates. LinkedIn profile for:

Professional experience
Duration of professional ownership
Special Skills
Thus, investing time in learning how to use social networks for job search and, in particular, using LinkedIn, will be spent on you.

Remember that social networks are another way to connect people. You need more than a LinkedIn profile. You will need to reasonably and carefully participate in LinkedIn groups in order to create for you the same business presence on the Internet. Then you will need to connect with other people offline to close the deal and land on work.

As with all social networks, technology and best practices for using technology often change. This section of the Job-Hunt helps you stay in real time with LinkedIn.

Useful information and blogs about Linkedin :

Clever things you can do with your unused domain name

You registered your personal domain name because you thought you would create a website and never do it. Or maybe you just have your own email address, and you want you to do more. There are many smart ways you can use your custom domain name to promote yourself, provide you with quick information or just do something cool. Here are our favorites.

First of all: what is a personal domain? Most people think of a personal domain like (that is, mine would have been, It can also be an abbreviated version of your name (for example, or whtsngr.dn) or even an alias. The idea is that you have a domain name that belongs to you, and it will be used for personal purposes, not for business. Domains are pretty cheap, and if you haven’t received your own yet, you should check out our Hive Five for domain registrars so you can choose one of them. Some of the ideas mentioned here also require web hosting. Fortunately, for this we have a penny.

Create  Personal Landing Page

Back in the early days of the Internet, it was assumed that your own website was filled with a lot of content. Today, social networks host most of your content. A personalized landing page is a great way to cover all of your content covering a network and bring it into one central location. If you want to place the page yourself, we wrote the code for you so that you can simply install it, configure it and configure it as you like. If you prefer to use an existing service, such as or, both services allow you to specify your domain name. This way, you can continue to use your domain name for other purposes, such as email, but still display your personal landing page when people visit it in their web browser.

Create Your Own, Personal Start Page

If you do not want to create an open page in your domain, you can use it as a start page that your browser loads into each new tab and window. The advantage of saving this page on the Internet, rather than locally on your computer, is that you can access it from anywhere. This means that you can store any bookmarks or other information accessible and accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. Here is one beautiful start page that you can customize to suit your needs, or you can always study HTML and CSS so you can turn from scratch.

Brandable domain names here for you!

Use your domain to shorten / forward links

If you have a good, short domain name, it may be useful to use it as a link shortening service. This way, you can have custom shortcuts for use with Twitter, text message, or simply convenient posting anyway. It will also provide you with some statistics on which links people click on and where they come from. If you want to install your own service in your domain, YOURLS is a great option. It  comes with its own API and  WordPress plugin. There are also many other options. If you prefer to use an existing service, offers custom domains for the price.

Use Your Domain as a Better Vanity URL for Social Media Sites

I was lucky enough to catch the vanity URL I wanted for Facebook, but if you didn’t, or just prefer the simplicity of the domain name, you can set up your own domain to go to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media pages. How you do this depends on the domain registrar / web host, but in general it is quite easy to do. Simply find the appropriate help page (usually called “Domain Forwarding”, “Domain Forwarding” or “URL Redirection”) on your registrar / host site if you need a little extra help.

You can buy brandable domain names here :

How to change Iphone 7 screen

Recently, the online usually meets the question: is it doable to exchange the show on the iPhone seven and iPhone seven Plus? despite however folks decision the screen module, the most factor is that they havecareful steerage on replacement the show module, consisting of the digital display screen itself, the bitpanel and also the protecting glass, that is sort of not possible to exchange one by one.


Changing elements of the show of the iPhone seven and iPhone seven and is simply necessary with the assistance of the finished standard assembly. this is often the sole thanks to fully eliminate the malfunction and solve issues with the gismo while not a headache. And so as to guard your new screen from the risks within the close to future to repeat the fate of the precursor, it’s best to instantly stick a protecting film thereon. it’ll defend against scratches and scuffs.

At the primary stage it’s necessary to get rid of the broken glass panel. To do this, unscrew the 2 screws setclose to the dock connexion on all-time low fringe of the phone. These square measure proprietary Pentalobe screws – this is often a feature of the iPhone seven and iPhone seven and. once the screws have already been removed, it’s necessary to pry off the display with the assistance of a plastic stack. you’ll heat it with a hairdryer.


When the glass is removed, you would like to detach the display from the most a part of the iPhone. At this step, you would like to be careful: there square measure many cables from the show to the motherboard that hold 2 metal plates. Unscrew the latter, then disconnect the connectors – currently the panel are oftendisconnected from the most body.


Having put in the new module, don’t forget to form certain that the show and touchscreen cables aren’ttwisted and not pinched between the elements. Such an appointment could injury the cable and cause the module to fail quickly. it’s necessary to exchange the house button with a fingerprint scanner – this component is very problematic to exchange on the last iPhone.

İf you have troubles with it you can change it here :

How to hire a competent SEO-specialist

How to hire a competent SEO-specialist

Modern IT-business acquired its modern appearance at the time of the emergence of fierce competition on the Web and a large number of Internet marketing gurus. They know this, they know how, their specialty is everything at once: from SMM promotion to SEO.

In this article, only my opinion and experience, which was acquired after various events, including unpleasant. If you are doing well, congratulations. But if you already had to work with such a “guru” or just have to look for a specialist, read on. Then you can share “funny” stories about these guys in the comments.

The causes of the crisis specialists
When search engine optimization was born in Russia, thanks to Yandex, the brave guys and programmers tried to break issuing tops in different ways.

The first SEO specialists are site administrators, coders. They began to manipulate the markup, tags, keywords, hid tons of search phrases from human eyes, painting them to match the background color of the page. In the future, the most successful optimizers migrated to work in Yandex – to create search algorithms and fight with former brothers.

This excursion into history shows how others were previously experts in this field: they knew several programming languages ​​and were guided freely within the site. But SEO has changed, has become closer to the content and user-friendly interface. For the most part, this is not just code and text, now it’s also marketing.

Many “gurus” of online advertising have heard the word “marketing” and have run up to SEO. Among them there are those who do not know the banal HTML language. But this is the basis for entering a university for a programmer, this is now even taught in schools.

What should know and be able to SEO-specialist
Yes, in 2018, you do not need to pin hopes that your future search engine optimization specialist will know many programming languages ​​and have the skills of layout. He does not have to: if you need everything at once, forward, to a web agency or to the websites of freelancers – look for a universal “fighter”. But there are several skills and abilities that SEO-specialist simply needed.

Basics of high converting websites

1. Know HTML and CSS
This is a must-have. He will have to cut the code, “cure” him from mistakes, reduce the styles that brave designers like to leave right in the code, not transferring them to a special file.

2. Understand the principles of the search engines
He should know the difference between the algorithms of Google and Yandex, what role assessors play. Maybe he even worked in a company that owns a search engine. After all, he will have to track changes in algorithms and understand them.

3. Analyze existing content
To understand the degree of optimization. If something is wrong, you should be able to change the text yourself (even if it is a static HTML website without admin), meta tags, attributes of the Title and Alt image. This implies the next item.

4. Quickly learn
Algorithms change, previously irrelevant ranking points come to the fore, various CMS (site data management systems) are gaining popularity, and we must remember all this, know how to work with it and what difficulties may arise.

5. Understand external optimization methods
So that you can form a divine snippet and distinguish crowd marketing from natural links. (By the way, if your SEO specialist buys them for Yandex, boldly get rid of him.) He will also have to work with PR publications and set up cross-posting.

6. Collect semantic kernels
Not from a scam, but according to the needs of potential customers, by specifying and justifying a certain structure. To be able to cluster them.

7. Have your own software suite
Find out what the candidate for your SEO specialists uses in their work. If you only hear “Yandex.Webmaster” and “Google something there”, drive from your office to hell. After all, there are so many cool and functional programs: Screaming Frog, “Semantic Calculator”, RDS, Arsenkin tools and so on. A professional should have his own set of software.

8. Understand UX Design
It was said above that modern search engine optimization is not only code, but also design. The code may be poor, but a convenient interface can solve a lot. If you are not offered to change anything on the site, it means that either you have already had a redesign, or the site is beautiful – but only in your head, because you feel sorry for the money. In 2018, decides the content, appearance and behavior of people on the site. The latter follows from the previous two. It’s time to realize this.

Can I get a guaranteed result?
Of course, but with one reservation. SEO-specialist is unlikely to be able to give exact dates when the result will be achieved (approximately two months). Also, the above skills do not guarantee getting the site to the top of the issue. Their presence at a specialist will only protect you from working with a liar or the “guru” of Internet marketing.

From a good search engine optimization site is transformed. Changing design, text, added pages. You are constantly offered something new. After all, SEO is first and foremost a strategy and optimization.

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