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Knockout LinkedIn Profile Summary

1. Pay particular attention to the first two lines.
As of 2017, your resume is not fully displayed – at least until the reader clicks “Show more” (on the desktop, not on the mobile device).

Most readers will only see the first approximately 90 to 150 characters when viewed on a mobile phone, while about 300 characters will be displayed on the desktop version.

Why do you need it? Employers see only a small number of words added to the TOP summary, and these words best represent your personal brand almost immediately. Otherwise, your LinkedIn readers will not “get” their value or be sufficiently forced to move to the rest, as their short intervals of attention will be captured and they will quickly move on to the next candidate.

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Here are some ways to get around this problem, differentiate yourself and convince LinkedIn users to talk about the summary in more detail later:

Place the lens in front and center.
Instead of buzzing about your value as an “experienced and result-oriented professional,” use these first few LinkedIn keywords to position yourself correctly, as shown in these examples (as will be seen immediately when using the LinkedIn mobile app):

Personnel Management. Global search and implementation strategies for sustainable talent retention

CIO, VP IT. IBM Dear Engineer. Cloud Solutions, Cost Savings, Digital Conversion

By including job titles and areas of expertise that you plan to use in the future, you will count on the type of roles you want to use.

You can also mark your work and achievements in the first part of your resume, as shown in this example team leader who improves customer service performance:

Customer Service Leader. 45% of the best service indicators for 6 months after the team’s training …

What if you are a new graduate with limited work experience? Early career professionals can also use the first characters of the summary to show the targets, credentials, and related educational achievements, as shown in these examples:

Higher Bachelor of Economics, Wu Michigan. Provided for financial services, data analysis …

Marketing and promotions – my strength! From Northwestern BA, I offer branding, social networks, …

When setting up a LinkedIn bulletin, be careful when adding additional characters such as bullets or dashes. Although these graphs can help put text in your LinkedIn profile, you also want to make sure that they do not block the presentation of your content in the first few lines of the text of the summary.

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Add keywords at the beginning of the summary.
Here’s the secret: keywords are counted the most in any field when they are placed first.

This is true for many types of databases, including Google search. Try typing any line of words in a search engine, and you will find the best results matching your search term, literally.

By placing relevant keywords at the top of your LinkedIn summary, you can help satisfy the site search algorithm and your human reader, making your career goal and growth more obvious.

Of course, you will want to use all the 2000 characters available in the summary, as more keywords and execution details will also be indexed and help attract traffic.

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Turn on powerful reporting results.
Not only do you want to interest your career and important keywords, your first few sentences of a resume will carry weight with recruiters. Consider these examples (everything can be immediately viewed in the desktop version of LinkedIn):

Personnel Management. Global search and deployment strategies for sustainable talent retention. I reduced the turnover by 30% +, indicating the most important for employees. IBM is now on its way to the advanced releases of 2018 …

VP Sales. Corporate technologies and channels. The best deals in history. Having achieved up to 170% of the goal, I coached the sales teams to build relationships between social network providers, expanding our market share …

These examples show LinkedIn’s summary text, which starts with the name of the task, but you can also switch it by stating your reputation for the results in the first few characters, as shown here:

154% Average annual growth rate of sales in SAP America – the growth of peak revenue in the unit. Often I wanted to turn into flashy sales teams as a senior sales manager, I imposed sales advisory skills on teams …
Placing important information first in the LinkedIn summary, where it will most likely be viewed on any device platform – you not only use precious real estate wisely, but also pay attention, which can lead to more views by recruiters.

It is important to use your social presence.networks to impress employers by clipping words, noting your value proposition and approaching several characters. By doing so, you ensure that your brand message is in the limelight on LinkedIn.

2. Adjust the volume of the keyword.
LinkedIn SEO should not be a mysterious concept. Basically, in order to significantly look for employees with your skills, you will need to add more Connections (which will help your profile become more “important” in LinkedIn perspective), and you will need to use better keywords.

The keywords most important to LinkedIn are what employers use to find a candidate like you: jobs, skills, industry names, and other related terminology.

As an example, the Operations Director who finds production, Lean Six Sigma, production, process improvement, and cost savings in job descriptions can add this achievement to her summary:

Leveraged Lean Six Sigma to improve the process and 31% cost savings on the production line as you advance to the position of Director of Operations.

Keyword Benefits? They will bring more traffic from interested employers to your profile, and when they are woven into your success stories, demonstrate how you used these skills to get results.

With space for 2000 characters, your resume is a great place to enter keywords into each sentence, repeating them for greater density.

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How to use LinkedIn effectively

How to use LinkedIn for competitive Edge
Perhaps you all “settled” using LinkedIn, updating your profile, typing new connections, researching companies, applying them to work and even releasing some status updates and publishing articles.

But you thought to use it to research your competition?

You can bet that a good percentage of LinkedIn users exist for the same purpose as you – finding their next choice job or trying to get the attention of recruiters.

Therefore, they also polish their profiles, associating them with industry leaders in their field, and even using the same jobs. If you constantly strive for excellent work, you can learn something else in the queue for the same positions.

Here are some ways to evaluate (and effectively use) competition in your area, using LinkedIn as marketing, keyword analysis and career assessment tools:

Find yourself – not by name, but by keyword.
Enter keywords that are relevant to you in the search box at the top of most LinkedIn pages. Use keywords such as your industry (mobile devices, “manufacturing”, “retail”) or your target.

On the search results page, click “People” at the top and “Advanced Filters”, which will allow you to specify your workplace (“CIO” or “Sales VP”), location and other “filters”. These include Industries, Past companies and other options. Click the Apply button at the top of the page, and LinkedIn will search.

The results you see are very close to how recruiters find candidates in your area. Now you are looking at direct competitors to work in your niche!

Record the first 10, 20, or even 30 names that appear.

Useful blog: LinkedIn Automation Tools

Rate how you stack up.
Then click on each profile to view the details. Do you find similarities among your competitors that might push you out of control? For example, do most of them have an MBA while you have not completed a bachelor’s degree?

Conversely, what trends do you see regarding their many years of experience? Did you rise more often (and at a higher level)?

These results can give you a good idea of ​​how to position yourself with employers. Are you too highly oriented (and maybe you need to consider the role of the Manager in addition to the assignment of the director you are looking for)?

In addition, you may find that you have experience or skills that uniquely qualify you among these professionals. If so, it makes sense to transfer this edge, with a description of your credentials in the “Summary” section of your profile.

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Analyze any missing keywords in your own profile.
Pay attention to the keywords highlighted in each profile (using the useful LinkedIn function, which shows why each profile got into your search).

The purpose of this exercise is to find keywords that may not be in your profile, bearing in mind that many of them will be in places that you do not consider a population. (This is especially important if your profile can hardly be found among other talented candidates).

Job titles, resumes, experiences, volunteer experiences, achievements, skills, education, and even sections of articles and activities can be used to add additional keywords. Of course, you need to keep in mind that this exercise can be repeated periodically to check the internal search engine ranking of your LinkedIn profile for your best skills.

B2B Sales Definitions

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Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile Is Failing You

Is your job search dragged endlessly? If so, are any of these problems familiar?

When you contact others on LinkedIn, they do not respond.
You have been told to use LinkedIn, and you dutifully fill out your profile information, but you are not sure if it adequately represents you.
Your phone and email remain silent, while others grab the work that needs to go to you.
If they are familiar, there may be simple reasons for which you are experiencing a slow job search. Take a look at these LinkedIn problems (common to frustrated candidates), as well as quick fixes to get the best results.

Linkedin automation tools

1. You make minimal effort when writing your LinkedIn profile.
And boy, it shows! If your Profile contains only job titles and a mere mention of your degree, you are reducing yourself based on the amount of attention you can receive. Your profile may officially be “All Star”, but this designation does not mean that you get the full benefit of being on LinkedIn.

Make sure that your pro headline, the tagline that accompanies your name and image throughout LinkedIn, is consistent, relevant and accurate. Make it more useful (and find in LinkedIn search results) than the default [job name] in [employer name] or the general (and unreasonable) “experienced [any] professional” or “open to new opportunities.”

Try to include a basic skill in your header (Manufacturing IT, Sales Training, Marketing Collateral, etc.) Or a note about your education (MBA, INSEAD Training, Six Sigma, etc.) And see what happens. Read Fast Formula for a powerful LinkedIn header for more help.

If you do not know where to start, give each job a description of responsibilities, skills, and accomplishments. Add the projects you have worked on, and include your college or university, as well as other education and certificates. (Only this will lead to an increase in traffic in your profile, based on the density of the keywords of the added data).

Then go to the “Summary” section and write a brief description of your strengths and career paths. If you feel particularly bold, add a few suggestions about what motivates you professionally and what others appreciate your abilities.

In addition, you will want to use a LinkedIn photo that represents your professional person, with the same smile (and outfit) that you gave to the interview.

Make it even more serious and add multimedia to your profile by adding videos, documents or links. They can be included in your resume or individual assignments. You will get more visual interest with a thumbnail that is likely to be pressed.

Voila! Now your profile will attract more attention, fresh connection requests and, possibly, even more requests from potential employers.

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2. You have applied the “set it and forget” philosophy.
Just because you wrote it, it does not mean that others will come! Following the recommendations in clause # 1, you still need to configure your LinkedIn profile to randomly increase readability and participation.

For example, you can add more of your basic skills:

Skills and endorsements section (and also endorse others)
Descriptions of your work in the section “Experience”
Any part of the Achievements section, which includes publications, certificates, courses, projects, awards and prizes, patents, test scores, languages ​​and organizations
On the LinkedIn home page, share information that you find relevant to other professionals, such as you at Updates. Write a message, professionally comment on other people’s updates or messages. Like good comments and sharing with others, including in the respective groups.

Being professionally active every day or at least 3 or 4 days a week will pay off. Recruiters will find you “accessible” and you will also be more visible to other participants.

3. You never proactively used LinkedIn during your job search.
Remember – a successful strategy in social networks requires you to regularly communicate with others. Even if you don’t feel particularly “social,” inability to connect with others on LinkedIn can be a serious mistake.

Research contacts, vacancies, or network leaders are one of LinkedIn’s main strengths. You can contact the hiring manager with a brief message of interest, learn from the experiences of others in your field, or keep in touch with thought leaders in your industry — all the steps you need to take if you are serious about finding a great opportunity.

Spend a minute after submitting a hot job to track down a hiring manager or HR recruiter on LinkedIn. Then shoot a summary version of your qualifications and ask them to consider.

Browse Profiles of other candidates in your field to find out how your credentials match up with competitors. The most important thing is to start real conversations, turning to former colleagues, industry leaders and potential new contacts on a regular basis.

Follow the companies that interest you, and follow their employees so that you.

can stay abreast of events occurring with people and organization.

Trigger social sequences with Google Forms

Bottom line
Active fulfillment of your dreams requires more than just sitting and waiting to be discovered! Take the time to customize and improve your LinkedIn strategy by turning to others — and you can celebrate a new job offer in a short time. Focus on the right keywords for you and your career.


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Using LinkedIn to collect business intelligence for job search

There are many job search methods that you can use on LinkedIn.

The 3 main ways to use LinkedIn for job search
Anyway, all of these LinkedIn search tactics work for three big purposes. I wrote in previous articles about the first two of them:

Being available – using LinkedIn to “put yourself there” to find recruiters and others you want to find.
Job Search – using LinkedIn to find specific jobs.
Of course, you need to do both of these things for a successful outcome in your search.

However, it is important to back off and understand that you need to sift more information to cope well with this. And LinkedIn is nothing if not among the biggest sources of information and insight!

Trigger social sequences with google forms

Build business intelligence with LinkedIn
LinkedIn’s third function, creating your ever-growing business analytics, is crucial. Unfortunately, this is too often overlooked!

When you create a large network of LinkedIn connections, you will have access to information that can give you a “leg up” at each stage of the job search process.

Although space does not allow this article to fully explore this topic, here are three types of business intelligence that can help you find a job, and four tips on how to use LinkedIn to search for useful information:

1. Get an inside scoop on your target companies.
Of course, you want a “job”! But remember: after you receive it, you must live with it. The negative consequences of taking poorly suited work can be serious and long lasting.

It is much better to start a dialogue with former employees of your target company. Learn from them about corporate culture, problems and opportunities to work in this environment, and get tips on how to act.

TIP. Click “Advanced” to the right of the search box at the top of the main page and start searching for people. Fill in the company name in this field, and as you open another search field, you will ask you “Current or past.” Select “Past” and you will see people on your network who have previously worked for the company. If the list is large, add other parameters to narrow it down, one by one, until you reach a manageable size.

Meet people from your list and ask if they are ready to talk with you about their experiences at ABC Company. Make sure you offer to do this on your own and only for a limited period of time. You will be surprised at how many people will freely want to give you information that you will never see anywhere else.

A word of caution: some people will have sour grapes because of their own frustrations with the company or the way they are divided. You will have to carefully evaluate if the negative ones you hear only them, or if they are separated by others and, therefore, represent something more disturbing.

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2. Connect yourself to the company.
Somewhere around 80% of all jobs are filled by someone who knows someone: networking. But how do you know with whom to communicate and how to get to these people?

TIP. See your target company on LinkedIn. See who works from your network there, or contact someone who works there.

Go to those whose background is closest to yours, and connect your path if the current employee sends your resume. This is a win-win: you get your resume at the top of the pile, a company employee can get a referral bonus, and the company has the opportunity to meet with you!

Guide for Linkedin Automation

3. Get an advantage in the interview.
You have passed the initial shows and are ready to talk with the administration. When you do your homework in advance, you can turn the “grill” into a “conversation.” To do this, you must confirm self-confidence and the ability to show what you know about the company, its problems and how you can add value.

TIP 1: Be sure to find out who you will talk to in advance, and carefully review their profile before talking. In particular, look at areas of community that you could share, for example, the colleges you attended, or the places where you both worked.

You should not be obvious about this, but when the time has come, you can refer to this community during your discussion.

TIP 2: When viewing an interviewer profile, scroll down to find out which LinkedIn groups he or he belongs to. Join groups that relate to your skill set and industry, and carefully review their discussions.

Here you can find out about the problems with the “hot button” and what people say about them. Be prepared to talk about these topics and also ask about the prospects of the hiring manager.

The best linkedin automation tools 

For more information :

Linkedin useful tips

1. You do not know this person, and they used to work for the company you are targeting.
It is best to start with someone who does not work for the company so that you can build confidence.

A good discoverer can be:

“Hi Joe, I noticed that you are a college graduate (enter the name of the school). I wonder if you can give me some advice, like a random act of kindness.

“I’m focused on positions at XYZ, and as I see you worked there, I was hoping you could tell me a little about corporate culture and your experience. I need only a few minutes and I can make it available at a convenient time for you, since I would be very grateful for your understanding.

“Thank you in advance.”

Note. I found that the phrase “a random act of kindness” works wonders, forcing people to respond.

Learn automation of linkedin messages

2. You do not know this person, but you have established a little relationship with LinkedIn. This is a “warm touch.”
In this case, you not only identified the person you want to connect with, but you joined his or her LinkedIn groups and responded to his or her comments and posts. Then it is a bit stronger because you are creating relationships.

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You are not completely unfamiliar with this person.

“Hi, Bill, I noticed that you are a graduate colleague (insert the name of the school), and I read and commented on your updates regarding the development of mobile applications. As you described, I also recognize the problem of supporting multiple changing platforms.

“I (I insert your step 1-2 sentences): a software engineer with over 15 years experience in companies like American Express and Bank of America. I spent the full project life cycle for dozens of high-end initiatives mainly to support customer-focused online initiatives. I also installed several mobile applications on iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms, but the emphasis here is not as big as I had hoped.

“It would seem that your organization is making great advances in developing applications for mobile platforms, and I was wondering if you think I should be guided by the opening in your company?

Trigger social sequences with Google Forms

“Please click on my profile (insert a link) or call me at 212-555-1212. I can make myself available at a convenient time for you and will be very grateful for your thoughts. I promise not to occupy most of your time.

“Thank you in advance.”

It’s clear that 4 is stronger than 3, so define your goals and join their discussions on LinkedIn and Twitter so you can create a certain probability before referring to them.

LinkedIn Automation Tools

Bottom line
Everyone is talking about using LinkedIn for networking in an employer’s organization, but doing it gracefully is not as easy as it sounds. Try these 4 approaches in the right situations, and you will speed up the results on your LinkedIn network.

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Online tools for student loan debt

The first time I noticed what proportion debt I had, I felt the sharp pain of tension.

I knew that I had a debt, however I additionally denied it. to visualize such an outsized variety, neurologically displayed in black and white on my account, was tough to know.

I was in debt, however I’m aloof from one. the typical North American country family has more or less $ fifteen,000 in MasterCard debt, whereas the typical student loan debt is getting ready to $ thirty,000.

As most folks understand, obtaining out of debt isn’t easy; this will be an extended and tough journey. To be free from debt, several folks need to create massive money, emotional and mental changes so as to induce to the opposite facet.

Fortunately, their are online tools which will assist you on your journey and make sure that all aspects of your money health enter the correct direction: debt free.

Here are 3 ways to induce out of debt with online tools to assist you.

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1. Track mint cash
The first step to obtaining out of debt is that you just understand precisely wherever your cash goes – and the way a lot of is truly coming back. Mint is Associate in Nursing internet-based budgeting package that helps you retain track of your financial gain and expenses.

Instead of worrying concerning pen and paper or making an attempt to stay track of roll of tobacco butts and pay slips, the Mint will all the exertions for you.

You can link your current accounts, savings accounts, student loan debt, credit cards, also as your investments and property. The Mint offers a speedwell read of your money image, showing all of your financial gain, expenses, and add your web price.

The Mint is nice for people who get out of debt for variety of reasons:

You can simply produce budget and balance sheets
The mint contains a Goal operate that may assist you pay off your debt or save cash on achieving massive life goals, like travel or savings for a deposit on your initial home.
The Mint warns you once you settle for Mastercard or student loan payments.
You can get your free credit score from Equifax victimisation mint
The mint is right for people who are in debt, as a result of you get Associate in Nursing correct image of wherever your finances are, and you’ll track them month once month to measure your progress. The new credit score feature could be a nice bonus, because it is that the key to watching your credit rating once you rise from debt.

2. Earn a loan to pay off your debt with Gradible
If you’ve got student loan debt, this tool is for you. Gradient could be a web-based platform that helps you pay off your student loans by earning LoanCreds by finishing numerous tasks.

LoanCreds are a type of Grad currency and go on to your student loans. Gradient works with all lenders for college kids, thus any cash that you just earn on the location may be repaid and sent to student loans.

Although you’re not planning to get wealthy fast from Gradible, this is often an excellent thanks to earn some extra cash to give student loans.

Some of the items you’ll do to earn LoanCreds include:

Conduct polls
Social sharing
Listing coupons
Doing web analysis
Shopping on-line Gradible
Referring friends to Gradible
How much you pay depends on the time and quality of the task. every task shows what proportion LoanCreds you may receive and also the approximate quantity of your time it takes to finish the task.

For example, an internet analysis task could disburse five LoanCreds credits Associate in Nursing have an approximate time of six minutes.

So, what proportion will LoanCreds cost? ten LoanCreds ar adore one North American country greenback at debt compensation.

As I discussed, Gradable won’t quickly fix your student loan, and it’s going to be higher for you to search out a secondary job to extend your financial gain. however Gradable are a few things else which will assist you pay a bit quicker.

The beauty of Gradle is that it’s free and might assist you add extra cash to your student loans. in keeping with their website, the simplest performers on Gradable ar around $ five hundred a month. If you continue to are on the web, why not pay off your debt, and not simply watch videos with cats? (um, to blame).

If you continue to are on the web, why not pay off your debt, and not simply watch videos with cats? (um, to blame).

3. excellent budgeting with Mvelopes
The envelope budgeting technique was personal finance for those in debt. The premise is that you just produce Associate in Nursing envelope for every of your expenses and solely contribute

amount of money in Associate in Nursing envelope per month. once the cash goes, you’ll not pay extra money.

Although this technique is nice, it’s going to feel a small amount out-of-date. however currently there’s a digital counterpart for this technique, known as Mvelopes.

Mvelopes is web budgeting package that uses the normal envelope budgeting technique within the trendy age, victimisation digital envelopes to manage your budget and income. In Gregorian calendar month 2012, Kiplinger selected Mvelopes because the “Best website for Superflow Budgeting”.

According to their website, Mvelopes will assist you recover up to ten p.c of your financial gain from hidden prices. Mvelopes differs from Mint in this it uses a proactive approach to budgeting,than a reactive approach.

Instead of observing your budget once your cash has been spent and gone, Mvelopes helps you look and set up ahead. victimisation envelopes can assist you decide a way to pay, showing you what you’ve got left to pay in every class in real time.
If you pay $ two hundred for groceries this month, you need to deposit $ two hundred in profit a Mvelope marked for groceries

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Should you repay a student loan debt or invest?

Should you repay a student loan debt or invest?
Borrowers usually raise United States what monetary strategy ought to I concentrate on first? Paying student loan debts or contributive to 401 (k) and / or different retirement investments?

Obviously, you wish to start out saving for retirement as early as potential so as to require advantage of intensifying interest, however you furthermore may face giant loan payments to students monthly, monthly, over consequent 10+ years. therefore once you associate with some additional money (a hint – for instance, your tax refund!), does one need to pay your student loans ahead to avoid wasting on interest payments within the long-standing time, or does one focus further funds on increasing pension contributions?

The overall monetary strategy is sort of straightforward … can the financial gain from your investments be higher or but the interest you pay on debt? If you pay a lot of interest than you’ll earn on investments, it is smart to concentrate on paying off debt.

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Here area unit another queries you must raise yourself once selecting between paying off student loans or investing:

1. Do a fast personal monetary check.
Familiarize yourself with the factors that lenders use to supply you a loan. a number of places to start out area unit asking and investigation your credit rating, shrewd the link between debt and financial gain, making a budget, and acting a private audit (think concerning total assets and debt).

After receiving data concerning these often used facts and figures, you’ll confirm whether or not to concentrate on restoring your current monetary scenario or on your future investment goals.

2. decide if you’ll get a much better deal on your student loans.
The first step is solely to understand the conditions of your student loan – the rate, the reimbursement amount and also the remaining principle. typically speaking, if you have got associate degree rate above ~ 6 June 1944, you’ll use the refinancing of your student loans at a lower rate (Read: lower monthly payments and / or total increased interest).

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If you’ll receive lower monthly payments on debts and / or receive a lower rate on debt, the goal is to take a position the funds freed up within the type of investments that generate higher returns than the worth of your debt.

In addition, if you presently use a 10-year reimbursement amount, you’ll make the most of varied reimbursement terms for 5-25 years victimization refinancing. for instance, you’ll maximize the profits of this strategy by selecting a 25-year year and a reimbursement amount of five years. instead, a five-year term can charge the tiniest quantity of interest if you’re making an attempt to pay off debt quickly and / or improve your debt quantitative relation to financial gain.

Find out a lot of concerning student loan refinancing choices here.

3. raise yourself what quantity you wish to avoid wasting (and what quantity free cash you’ll hook)
On the retirement aspect, your opening is that the same: understanding the larger image. Your retirement plans could also be terribly totally different from consequent person, therefore make sure to raise yourself wherever you financially wish to be in ten, 20, or perhaps thirty years.

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There area unit many retirement calculators out there on the web that take up your age, salary, target retirement age and different factors so as to throw out the savings variety you wish. LearnVest additionally offers an inexpensive service that helps you produce a financial statement.

Armed along with your numbers in mind, you’re nearly here to see wherever to place your cash. First, make sure to extend your retirement savings. for instance, your leader might match your contributions within the quantity of 401 (k). this is often free cash each time you contribute, which might create retirement savings even a lot of worthy within the short term.

Finally, arrange your student loans and pension contributions together with your different monetary obligations, hopes and dreams. Ultimately, every person’s scenario is exclusive.

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The maximum variety of payments for student loans and pension contributions might not add up right away if you have got a high level of mastercard debt or if you wish to form a payment on a house. If you’re thinking that you have got a lot of vital monetary goals to require care of, you must see a monetary planner before deciding wherever to pay the additional cash. Otherwise, congratulations! you’re one step nearer to repaying your loans and obtaining set off by vogue.

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Social networks or your own SEO optimized website

Social networks or your own website: how best to move?
Sooner or later, all entrepreneurs realize the need to create their own website. But do you really need your website, or is it just assumed that the website helps to sell? Let’s take a look at the order from where the money comes from on the Internet. And then you yourself will understand for yourself whether you need a website or whether you can completely do without it.

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The site is needed already promoted businesses.You also must optimize your website.For this reason you will hire SEO specialists.You can hire  seo consultant. If we talk about business development on the Internet seriously, then the site is needed only for those who already have customers. If there are no customers, then you do not need to acquire a website. And for what reason.

Sources of traffic are important for earning on the site, the site itself will not sell anything. And this is true. If they are trying to sell you landing, they are silent about the fact that in order to start a business you will have to learn how to get traffic. And this is not so easy to do. Just because you need to spend at least another 2-3 weeks on finding and launching sources of traffic.

Quite another thing – the use of social networks. The fact is that social networks today can serve both as a source of traffic and as a showcase of your products. At the same time, social networks are absolutely free, you can move the way you want, but often you don’t need to pay for posting a penny. Of course, there are options for publishing money, but ultimately you can do without them at all.

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Choose 1-2 social networks and start actively posting your content there. Content should be bright, attractive, created by you. Content and will be the main item of expenditure. The easiest way to search for artists to create content on inexpensive exchanges and ask them to rewrite favorite publications or draw a similar picture.

A lot of examples of content you can take on Western sources. For example, the site P interest gives you the opportunity to peek at the design of infographics and find ideas for your posts on Instagram. Some of the content you have to write yourself. For example, if you sell something, then the product description falls entirely on your shoulders. Rerayter this work is not worth it.

Expand your horizons of advancement on the Internet. Remember that social networks are not the limit and not the horizon in advancement. Social media includes forums, blogs, message boards and other sites where there are a lot of people.

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Social networks take on the strength of 10-15% of the total number of opportunities. There are specialized resources that are sharpened solely for any topic. So, there sometimes is much more profitable to post than on Facebook or anywhere else. Speaking of social media, one should not forget such old, but still bearing excellent results, methods of advancement, such as developing topics on forums and local portals, publishing in LJ and guerilla marketing on question and answer services.

However, remember, with all the advantages of using communities in social networks, they do not belong to you and the network can select them at any time. With the sites this does not happen and invest in them can be calmer.


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What are the online casino slots?

What are the slots?
Traditional, on which 3-5 reels with one or several paylines are installed.
Progressive, in which you can win a progressive (increasing) jackpot. Such slots are equipped with software from one developer and are usually connected by a jackpot that reaches fabulous sums collected in different online games.
Video slots from the producers of the latest software with excellent quality video and audio effects, modern plots and 40 paylines.

Online Casino Software

Slot tournaments
Together with the emergence of any game, as a rule, the organization of any kind of competition begins. Slots tournaments are very exciting and popular among the participants.

Usually, the players pay a certain amount for registration and participation, get the numbers of the slot machines and start the game, which is set aside for a certain time, at a signal. At the end of the tournament points are recorded, and an analysis of the game of all participants. The most famous slot tournament is “Grand Slam of Slots”, setting a million dollar budget.

Competition in slot games is also attracted by the fact that they do not need any special skills or knowledge to participate in them.


The most popular and winning slot machines are with a large number of reels and paylines.

It is important to pay attention to the percentage of winnings on different devices.

Payments in automatic machines do not depend on the results of previous spins, so it’s better not to think about it.

What are Sweepstakes?

Slots, as soon as they appeared in the 19th century, were called one-armed bandits. This was due to the fact that in the machine there was one handle that had to be turned during the game. Usually people lost all the money to a penny.

In England, slots are often called fruit machines, because such symbols are very popular in them.

Japanese machines come from the traditional game “pachinko” and are called “pachisuro”.

And although today not all devices are mechanical, the name “slopes” still remains, as a reminder of those times when there were switches that worked when tilted, and any breakdown had the same name with a similar movement name.

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Online Casino slots.

Slots called slot machines, which can be played by dropping a coin into the slot and pulling the lever. There are also online slots in which the game starts after pressing a button on the computer screen. In these devices it is easy to control the game, applying their moves and strategies, they are very popular all over the world.
Before you start the game, you should read the necessary information, rules and recommendations that you will undoubtedly come in handy.

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The history of slots.
Principle of operation.
Rules of the game.

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Slot history
Slots are the same slot machines that appeared in the last century. The very first such device was created by mechanic Charles Fay, who lived in the 80s of the XIX century in San Francisco. This invention was a design for a game on which three reels spun. In this torsion, five symbols changed, and when certain combinations fell out, the player received a prize.

Why among them were a diamond, a horseshoe, the Liberty Bell, hearts and spades – now difficult to explain, but the machine then became very popular in American bars.

Since then, the development of gaming devices has gone at a rapid pace, and a hundred years later the first Electromechanical version of Money Honey, released by Bally, appeared.

Today on the Internet you can find many varieties of slots, equipped with several paylines, hundreds of bright characters, with fascinating scenes, excellent sound and design from talented artists.


Principle of operation
The game in any slot machine is approximately the same – a person throws a coin and rotates the drum, as a result of which the symbols are added in a certain order, and if a winning combination falls out, the player receives money or is awarded a free game. Thus, the principle is completely clear – it is a money win.

The symbols that spin in the slot are usually simple and bright – fruits, stones, diamonds, monkeys.

It is quite easy to learn how to play slot machines, therefore, as a rule, beginners start with them just before trying their hand at serious online casino games.


Rules of the game
Despite the simplicity of the game, the slots have their own rules, and it is better to stick with them in order not to be misled. In addition, you should know the terms and their meaning.

So, the drums in the machine perform the function of rotating the symbols and using the payline add them into a certain combination. In total, the game usually has from 5 to 9 such lines and many winning combinations, and the player can win both money and various bonuses – an extra spin or a whole free game.

All the fun is based on a random number generator, which drives the slot. Today this RNG works without the help of a person thanks to special software, so everything happens very quickly with the movement that the player makes by pulling the lever. The result is instantaneous, and the combination never repeats.


The machines have a high payout percentage – 82-98%, but despite this, they are very beneficial for online casino owners, as with the help of software you can create a situation in which the player will see that, despite losing, was very close to victory, and this prompts him to start the next game.

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