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Why I Choose Email Marketing for Best ROI

As a business owner, it’s always a good idea to effectively use the marketing tools that are bringing you the most success. Measuring success as a business typically pertains to ROI, sales/income, and new customer acquisition. Reaching your target market with content that will appeal to them, while generating income is key when spending money to market yourself as a brand. This is why it’s essential to ensure you’re using the right marketing tools to reach your audience.

So, just how do SMBs ensure they are using the best, most effective marketing tools? There is a variety to choose from today as more and more marketers are turning to the Internet to reach their target audiences. From social media and blogging to digital advertising and email marketing, businesses have a plethora of options to choose from. The right marketing tools should be able to show clear and concise improvements overall regarding reaching the desired audience, creating value for them, and in turn, loyalty, all while increasing ROI.

As social media grows in popularity, this widespread tool may not be as effective at generating ROI as most would think. So what are SMBs who need to generate a solid stream of income and leads to do? This is where I find email marketing online to be effective. With the variety of marketing tools available for SMBs, email marketing is often a favored tool for businesses who are looking to increase ROI and generate leads. I certainly choose to invest my marketing dollars into email marketing when I want a big increase in ROI, in an easy to measure, easy to test, and easy to deliver way.

The Statistics Do Not Lie

The statistics concerning email marketing and ROI are shocking. In fact, there are so many wonderful stats surrounding the effectiveness of email marketing that Campaign Monitor put together a list of the best, and most current statistics concerning online email marketing today. For a communications medium that was rumored to be dying, email has certainly proven otherwise through the effectiveness of marketing to target audiences to sell and promote products and services. Even DMA (the Data and Marketing Association) claims that email is the top channel for digitally generating ROI. In fact, as reported by Campaign Monitor, for every $1 invested into email marketing, the average return is $44. This makes email a very wise investment for businesses who want to see their brands and revenues grow, as the average ROI for one dollar invested into email marketing equates to 4400% in growth.

If you think that’s shocking, here are some of our favorite statistics we found listed by Campaign Monitor that concern online email marketing:

  • Messages are five times more likely to be read via email than on Facebook. –Radicati
  • Email acquires 40 times more new customers than Twitter or Facebook –McKinsey
  • Your content will be shared with your email followers three times more than any other visitors. –QuickSprout
  • 92% of all adults online use email, and 61% use it on any given day. –Pew Research
  • Targeted and segmented emails account for generating 58% of all revenues. –DMA
  • Email open rates are highest when a company sends two emails monthly. –Database Marketing Institute

When the statistics are lied out, it’s easy to see why I believe SMBs are wise to invest in their email marketing strategies. It’s cost effective and affordable to do, it reaches more people than social media (supposing you have a well-established email list), and it converts into sales and profits more effectively than social media marketing.

It’s Simple to Build an Email List

Where finding leads may seem daunting to those who are looking for new ways to market themselves, it’s incredibly simple to build an email list, and much less intimidating for both those who give you their information and those who are seeking someone’s email address.

One great way I have helped companies build their email lists is by creating content they can offer online that is valuable to viewers, such as a downloadable eBook, or guide, that offers useful tips and advice. Once viewers decide they value what clients are offering and click to download the eBook, they are prompted to enter their personal information online. This information is stored and used to build an email list that can effectively reach those who are interested in a particular product, brand or industry. The link to download the eBook may be included in website copy, blogs, social media, and also via email.

Email Marketing Is Easy to Automate

In addition to email marketing generating the best possible ROI, when done correctly, it is incredibly easy to automate an email marketing campaign so that the time put into it is minimal, and you can focus on the tasks that come with running your own business. With only two emails being sent each month for optimal open rates, this is easy to do, and there are a variety of email marketing tools that are available for businesses who want some email marketing help today.

When I work with setting up email marketing for my clients, I use programs and software that specialize in email marketing. There are a variety of programs available on the market today that make creating and sending emails super simple. Once you have a good template that represents your brand in the way you see fit, it is easy to switch out content, and schedule campaigns to send to certain customers at specific times. Choosing the best time to send your emails will depend entirely upon your unique brand, and your unique target market, but a good email automation program will help you to determine which times are most optimal for emailing your lists, and you may also run AB tests to ensure your emails are being scheduled to send at the most profitable times possible.

Email Campaigns are Easy to Test, Tweak, and Track

Email marketing is one of the easiest marketing mediums to measure, as the metrics are super simple to access, and read. Email marketing platforms will often show you your bounce rates, open rates, and click-through rates for your emails. Having such great analytics makes testing the effectiveness of certain elements of your email campaigns easy also. You may want to run AB tests concerning your email title, the time you send it, how you personalize the email, which CTA button is most effective, and where on your website you’re able to get the most information for your campaigns. Email campaigns can also be easily divided into segments based on data and research, and have been found to increase revenues by 760% on average.

Emails are Easy to Personalize

It’s important to personalize your emails to clients, as a personalized email can result in transaction rates that are six times higher, according to Experian. A great email automation service will allow you to personalize your emails with the click of a button so that it looks like to sent the email just for every individual on your list.

It’s much easier to personalize an email than a message sent over social media. And according to the stats, it’s going to increase your profits much more as well. Think about how you feel when you see an email come through that has your first name in the title. It’s the small details, and personal touches that often make the biggest impact when it comes to marketing yourself via email.

Email is Easy to Access

With the prevalence of smartphones today, most people have access to their email at all times from the touch of a button on their phones. This is why optimizing all email content for mobile devices is key. Many email marketing programs have the tool that will allow for mobile optimization, and this is of the utmost importance if you want your emails to stand out not only on a computer but the screen of a smartphone as well. Have you ever tried to open an email that wasn’t optimized for mobile on your cell phone? It’s fairly difficult to reach, and you may have to scroll all over the place in order just to take in one sentence. The display must be simplified, and formatted in a way that it will be easy to reach when viewers open an email on a cell phone or tablet.

In fact, according to Campaign Monitor, approximately 53% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. That’s just over half of all emails. What’s more is that of the 900 million Gmail users, 75% of them have access to their accounts on their mobile devices. That’s a lot of people using email on their phones, and that is for one email server alone, and over time this number seems to be increasing. This is why mobile optimization is key, and a necessity for businesses who use email, as users will likely be notified immediately, and if you want them to click to open it rather than delete it, the content must be valuable attention-grabbing, and easy to read.

Now that you can see the value and potential, the proper use of email marketing to reach your target audience can bring, what are your plans for using email to generate profits and leads, and increase ROI? Many eCommerce businesses will use newsletters and email campaigns to make their target audience aware of sales, promotions, and other important information about their brands. Keeping viewers in the loop about your product or services, and coming up with content your audience will find value in consistently is key.

Now that you have the information about the effectiveness of implementing an email marketing campaign and access to the tools you need to do it, your biggest task will be providing your audience with what they want and tweaking your campaigns in ways that bring you the greatest results. Email marketing is a wonderful business tool that all companies would be wise to start taking advantage of.


Do you want to begin your own sweepstake gaming business? Excellent! If your answer is yes, you need a professionals’ guidance or a perfect plan for it. If you are seeking something online for it, you are in the correct place. From advance, Sweepstakes Software gaming to hardware and everything that is needed for a sweepstake, online casino software, and internet cafe software is represented right here for you.


For making a high profit from your business, partnering with a good sweepstake software providers is also a good thing to do.


Besides this here are some essential tips for you that will well support you to set up a successful sweepstake cafe gaming business:



Before setting any business, it is vital for every one manager to be prepared for some things already. No doubt internet cafe sweepstakes business is a significant investment but to make it more prosperous; you will have to make some other efforts.


Firstly you will have to decide on the location for your online game cafe. After that, you must prepare for some expenses related to decorations, renovation, painting, lighting, and electrical work.


Is there any lack of license or permission? Will you pay taxes? Are there legal problems you have to handle them? What things can lead your business towards a successful path? Everything should be apparent to you.



Getting a right sweepstake software is required for the success of your business. Something you may think acquiring cheap gaming software will be the right thing as you save the money. Yes, it is right! But dear friends, this kind of software can’t provide that gaming experience that your clients are looking for.


So, it is desirable to you that choose some excellent sweepstakes software, which can offer great fun to gamers.


We are not saying go for an expensive one, but at least check the spec of the software whether it matches with your needs or not, before making the final choice.



This is another essential aspect you need to consider to run a booming cafe. You should always go with the web-based games, as these types of games guarantee 100% uptime, easy setup, instant automatic updates, less price and also gamers can play from their place.


But the central question arises here is, “How will you know whether the sweepstakes game is web-based or not?” Some of you know the answer, but those who are unaware of it can get the right answer here! Web-based games can be played through the web, these types of games can also be performed right on your PC’s.


And the games which aren’t web-based show images only that look like sweepstakes game. Another critical factor necessary for setting up an online sweepstakes café is choosing a quality game and also the first choice of gamblers.


For a strong online sweepstakes business, it is crucial for you to consider these critical aspects. For the completion of the sweepstakes business, it is essential for you to get the best quality sweepstakes software, provider.




Sweepstakes software games are a favorite kind of play, which gives away opportunities to win prizes to people in return for them purchasing their service or product. This product or service could internet access, phone card, or donations. This is a kind of gamble and for the same reason even holds some legality issues.

For running a sweepstakes games parlor, one would need a computer terminal and a sweepstakes gaming software. Some internet cafe sweepstakes providers would develop the required game for you, besides helping you in installing it at the gaming booths. Sweepstake software is also deployed for marketing and promotional campaigns by small or big businesses. If you love the idea and want to boost your business with sweepstakes gaming parlors, look for the best internet sweepstakes café software companies around you, and get started.

How to Choose Software for Online Sweepstakes Games

Sweepstakes Software games have grown as a way to boost businesses around the globe. As people have been using sweepstakes games online, for improving their website reach with each increasing visitor.

But for active efforts, good sweepstakes software is required and choosing one can be difficult at times. Here’s a list as to how to select the best sweepstakes online software provider.

  • Legal Compliance: An online sweepstakes gaming Software Company should be complying with the legality aspect of the gaming industry. Sweepstakes games are not legal everywhere, as they are thought to a gamble of some kind. Legal compliance makes sure that the sweepstakes gaming software is regulated and fulfills the integrity and authentication criteria for safe playing. Look for partnerships that offer software versions such as No Chance, full disclosure or usual sweepstakes as they satisfy the legal requirements.

    Ability to keep a Gamer Hooked-Up
    : Sweepstakes games should be such, that the player becomes addicted to the game. If the game does not even hold the capability to keep a player hooked-up, there is no point in providing such a game. Make sure that exciting features such as jackpots, free spins and games and bonus rounds are made available. This will ensure for an exciting online game; everyone would fall for.

    Availability of a variety of games
    : Some games to choose from allow people to try different sports. And, working different games means more time and money spent by clients. Make sure the software you select helps you provide some games in all genres so that no one leaves the café without playing.

    Excellent Customer Support
    : In case of any assistance regarding the developed games, customer assistance is needed. Choose the best sweepstakes gaming Software Company that has a fantastic customer and technical support.

    Provides Demos for Different Games
    : A sweepstakes software corporation that allows free demos for many games helps turn any business into a successful one. Running demos assists in attracting more clients. This is because anyone visiting the site would love to at least try the game once.

These were some requirements that your sweepstakes software should be satisfying. Look for the software that gives the best sweepstakes games online, and chooses wisely, as your choice will decide your businesses’ success.




There is plenty of ideas that more than two-thirds of Internet users are choosing Chrome as their web browser. It’s fast, it’s available on the go, and its syncing features are fantastic. But you might know that Chrome itself can be an excellent resource for when you’re playing at online casinos. So, we have set together with a panel of 9 of our favorite gaming tools for Chrome. Check them out!



Let’s be real: sometimes we do not want people to know we are playing online. It’s not that there’s anything opposite with gambling. (If we thought that, we wouldn’t be here!) But if you have got uptight in-laws visiting or interested kids to worry about, you might not want to get arrested.


That’s where PanicButton comes in. This free engine lets you hide all your tabs with just a single button. When you are all alone again, you can click the button to go right where you left off. It’s easy, works right off the bat, and can save you from some awkward conversations.



Chrome’s new tab page is beautiful, and all, but the Awesome New Tab Page leads it to a whole other level. This extension gives you a completely customizable canvas to work with every time you open up a new tab. Add your shortcuts, plop in all kinds of widgets, and arrange it to fit your needs. It’s a great way to get easy access to all your favorite online casinos and resources.



Ever hit a big win but could not figure out how to memorialize it? That’s not a problem with the Awesome Screenshot extension. Download it to your Chrome browser, and the next time you get that pure spin, capture it immediately with just a click. The app even lets you add explanations and blur out personal information.



We are creatures of habit. Even when we were hoping for a crazy jackpot, we all seem to have our patterns for doing it. So if you are playing at multiple online casinos, Categorizer is worth looking into. This app sorts your favorite sites based on when you like to visit them. It’s especially helpful if you don’t want to forget a particular casino’s weekly bonuses.



When you find something fresh on the web, you might want to share it with family, friends, or colleagues. The quickest way to do that? Email This Page. This Chrome extension lets you immediately send a page link to anyone through your Gmail or your preferred email client. It’s particularly useful if you have got gambling friends that enjoy hearing about the latest news or juicy promos.



Online casinos do a lot to protect you, but nothing can keep you safe if you don’t have good password habits. That’s where LastPass comes in handy. This free password manager assigns you automatically create passwords that no one will ever be able to guess for each online casino you visit. The only passcode you have to remember is the one you use for the extension!



Ever found an excellent article but were too busy to read it? Been there, done that. And if you are like me, you probably can’t see it again when you do have the time. This is where Pocket is a life-saver. Just add articles, reviews, and other cool pages to your Pocket and read them at any time. You can also connect it with your mobile to catch up on your reading on the go.



It’s a vital part of responsible gambling. But we know that it’s easy to get carried away and lose track of the time. Cool Clock is a right way you can avoid this. This Chrome extension can be used to make little reminders at certain times. You can even set it to create pop-ups. Never forget to cook dinner again!



No one likes filling out forms, mainly when you are trying out a new online casino and want to get to the fun. But if you get an error after spending 5 minutes filling out the registration form, you probably don’t want to type all that over again.


One of the best resolutions to this problem is Lazarus: Form Recovery. It’s a simple but effective Chrome extension that temporarily saves what you type just in case something goes wrong. Goodbye, frustration!


Beef up your browser

These 9 Chrome extensions are all excellent choices for your online gambling magazine. What’s your favorite? Share your thoughts over on our forum!




I have used a lot of different digital marketing strategies over the years. SEO has been the fundamental one. Content marketing comes a close second. But I have also used influencer marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing, pay per click advertising, email marketing. If it is “marketing” and “digital,” I have probably done it. But there is one form of marketing that does not fit neatly into the “digital” category. It is a mashup of professional, personal, social, digital, content, and whatever else. It is personal branding. Personal branding is huge.

In fаct, if you expect to succeed in any way in today’s digitally-driven world socially-connected, you have to build your personal brand.

Personal branding is not just for celebrities. It is not just for big-shot entrepreneurs, for wantrepreneur, for selfie-obsessed egotists, for everybody!

An article in Elite Daily puts it like this:

We usually consider that branding as something done only by large corporations, but everyone has a personal brand. You may fill a back office role in a large agency, but you still need personal branding. You can be an introvert who avoids other people, but you still need personal branding.

If I were to pick one form of marketing that has been crucial to my professional success, personal development, and level of achievement, I would have to say it is personal branding.

In fact, I can point to some moments when my personal brand has provided me with clients. Over the years, I have learned several super helpful tips for developing my own brand to build my customer base. My new audiences haven’t always overgrown. It takes years to build credibility and grow your influence.

Personal branding is hard that way. You cannot simply pull out a few strategies, throw some money at it, and expect it to work. Thankfully, however, some tried-and-true methods will give you a real edge. Some of them are basic (being authentic and honest), others are creative (investing in strong visuals).

All of them work. Give them a chance. Take some time, and your personal brand will be a source of customers, just as it has with me.

The tips that follow are inclined towards content. Along with your personal brand creating, you should also be using content marketing for your growth.


The number one tip for demonstrating your expertise is through long-form, rock-solid, super-helpful content. Content wins the day. It is just that simple. You have to set yourself aside in an online space, where you’re competing with other brands for the attention of your new clients.

To do this, show you’re an expert in your area.

You can do this by building your credibility by talking about the customers you have worked with, and the years you have been in the business.

But you can also communicate this more creatively through Buzzfeed-like lists and tip sheets, which can give your audience information that values in their lives.

Showing you are an expert means two things:

-being an actual expert;

-choosing a field of expertise.

Do not let number one trip you up.

Have you ever heard the words “fake it till you make it?”

There is some truth to that. If you do not feel like an expert, do not sweat it. Just act like one.

Pretty soon, you will become one (even if you do not feel it). Then, you can show you are one.


You cannot leave Millennials or Generation Y out of the mix when you’re building your personal brand to leverage a new audience.

Want to know why? Here is why.

Generation Y will be the number one demographic that sees and reacts to your personal brand.

One of the most critical changes you can make in your branding communication is the social media platforms you use and the kinds of content you produce. Why? Because Generation Y is the socially associated generation.

Use favorite social networks such as Snapchat and Instagram to market your personal brand. Also, develop content such as videos to grab the attention of your audience and market your expertise.


One of the most important things you can do as you market your personal brand is to remain open and authentic. Case in point is entrepreneur and coach Leigh Louey-Gung, who created a strong business for himself through a process of complete honesty.

Leigh was excited about helping other entrepreneurs and created Secure Thoughts to help train them about maintaining privacy on the web. We’re marketers at the end of the day, and you’re crafting a personal story about yourself.

Remember, you always have to come through on your commitments and back up what you say to your audience. If you do not, they’ll have no problem walking away. Many of the customers I serve today came to me because some other agency scammed them. I was able to keep my promises, to maintain my integrity, and give them results.


I hesitate to say it, but if someone sees low-quality photos on your website, they’ll subconsciously perceive you as unprofessional or as not trustworthy.

Get on the top of the game by having high-quality photos of yourself taken for your website. Your photos and website may be your new user’s first impression of you! When I am looking for a new hire, I cannot help but base my impression of them on their LinkedIn photo.

I am trying very tough not to be biased against a drunken party or blurry profile pic, but it is hard! One of the best ways to get customers through your personal branding is to look the part!


One of the quickest ways you can use your personal brand to develop your target audience is by giving something away.

And I do not mean just anything. If you can give away a particular product related to your personal brand, you have a higher chance of attracting a new audience.

Entrepreneur Magazine, for instance, highlights the case study of a women’s boutique that gave away a kimono to attract new clients.

This tactic works really well for building a personal brand. Let’s say you are building a personal brand as a copywriter. Attract clients by asking them to enter a contest by submitting their email addresses. The prize could be free copywriting for a week or copywriting for a particular project. Simple? Sure. But effective? Definitely.


Have you noticed a lot of people’s Twitter sounds the same? Social marketing guru. Cat lover. Coffee aficionado. If you are not intentional, your work at personal branding might not be making you known. Sounds familiar, right? There’re ways to set yourself apart, but it might feel awkward. For instance, I learned that wearing sunglasses allowed me to build my personal brand.

The people who do great at personal branding, always have one thing they are well known for. It might be weird. It might be awkward. But it makes them unforgettable!

What about face-to-face personal brand building and networking?

You must have a business card on hand that sets you apart. Think creatively, but make sure your card is simple and gives the information a new customer needs.

Try a card, for instance, that is made of a smooth paper is a die-cut or has a non-standard shape. These cards are more interesting and can give a bigger impression.


Even though we call it personal branding, it is not 100% personal. You cannot do this on your own. And you should not even try.

Personal branding is all about connecting with others, helping others, serving others, learning from others, getting to know others,  adding value to others.

If you inspect personal branding as a form of marketing (which it is), you have to identify what the heart of marketing is.

What is the heart of marketing?

No, it is not shouting your message to the masses. It is giving value to the right people! Some of my best customers started out as friends of friends. For instance, early in my career, I met a person at a conference. His personal behavior and \grooming left a lot to be desired.

Most people ignored this person. I spent some time with him and helped him out, doing what I could. Finally, he introduced me to more customers!

I did not realize it when I helped him the first time, but this guy was connected! And through him, I earned many more customers.

Over time, your relationships will help promote your personal brand and lead to a growing audience.

You may not be able to become best friends forever with Tim Ferriss in your first few days of personal branding. Over time, however, you will build the right connections with the right audience and get the right customers.


Blogging is a fantastic way to form relationships and become an expert specialist. My first blog post ever has hundreds of newsletter subscriptions, gotten over 14,000 visitors, 40+ comments,  and has introduced me to some marvelous people. Start by blogging about topics that match to your services, and will appeal to prospective customers.

Peep Laja writes a blog about conversion optimization, which is filled with blogs that help companies expand their conversion rates, and make more money. By posting quality content, Peep is viewed as a specialist on conversion optimization, which allows him generates new business and build an audience for his consultancy.

The critical question that comes up with blogging is how to drive traffic to your posts. After publishing a blog, I like to post it to Inbound, GrowthHackers, Reddit (find a subreddit for your blog niche), Hacker News, and my Twitter. You should also email each person or company you mention in the post, with a note that you have mentioned them. I also reach out to my network and send a link to the audience who I consider might find my post interesting. This usually is enough to get the ball rolling and to get some traffic to the post. Blogging takes a lot of time, mainly since you need to do it consistently, for better results. Scripted is an excellent content writing service you can use to outsource your blog post writing.


Experiment with these eight pro tips for leveraging your personal brand to find more committed, and larger target audience.

As marketers, we have to be ready to take a few risks and to be original in our approach.

You can use these tips to attract and cultivate your audience, but you will need to deliver on your content promises.

Your clients will not be pleased in the long run if you are not giving them new valuable information applicable to their products or lives that can make a difference for them.

If you are ready to start developing your audience and to attract new clients, use the tips in this article—they have worked for me as I have built my personal brand.

You will be on your way to chart a new path for your company and creating energy around your services and products.

Are you ready for an overhaul of your personal brand?




Marketing your business is expensive. Coming up with client acquisition strategies that will not break the bank can be hard. Acquiring a new client can cost you seven or eight times more money than retaining your current clients.

But you can get new clients without spending much money.

Using your existing clients to help bring in new business is one of my favorite ways to do this. It may sound confused, but it is much easier than you might think.

It is all about getting original. Coming up with an acquisition policy that also supports retention is a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Do not minimize the power of a recommendation. Research shows 84% of users say they trust recommendations from friends and family. When your brand gets recommended to someone, they’re likely to give it a shot.

But the point here is getting that initial recommendation. How do you do it?

If you have never tried to combine this strategy into your marketing plan before, do not worry. I will give you some consideration into how you can proceed.

Here is what you need to know.


Before you start any new marketing campaigns, analyze your brand’s culture. Begin with your customer service.

Optimizing the client experience can help you to boost not only revenue but also acquire new clients.

Recent studies showed that clients who had close cooperation with a company were likely to promote that company to others. The majority of people who experienced competitive service would not support a brand.

Being friendly costs you nothing.

Just make sure your customer service representatives and managers and are all on the same page. If you are dealing with clients face-to-face, you need to train your staff to smile.

Be positive. Ask your clients how their day is going. Try to have real connections with your clients.

Even if you are talking to people over the phone or online, the tone of your voice will transfer your attitude.

Do not sigh or take deep breaths of frustration. Do not be standoffish or monotone. Speak in a friendly voice which is energetic and welcoming.

Even smiling when you are talking on the phone can help make the tone of your voice sound more confident.

Employing this strategy is a no-brainer. This is not something you can measure, but when your existing clients have a positive experience with your company, they will be happy to tell their family and friends about it.

Before you know it, new clients will be walking through your doors. If you approach them in the same way, they will recommend your brand to others as well.


Let’s continue discussing customer service. In addition to providing friendly care during daily interactions, your support team needs to go the extra mile when clients have problems or questions.

It is easy to get frustrated with a disgruntled customer. Even if you think they’re in the wrong, treat them with respect, and make them feel as though they’re right.

Do not make clients wait to hear back from a customer service representative. This is something you need to remember no matter where you are conducting business.

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, do not make your clients wait to speak to a manager. Get someone right away. When taking calls over the phone, do not put your clients on hold for too long.

Even if you are taking client inquiries online via email or through your website’s platform, emphasize responding right away.

Have a look at these numbers, and just let that drain in for a moment.

Clients who received a fast but ineffective response were more likely to recommend a brand that clients who received a slow but satisfactory solution.

Just because you solve a client’s problem does not mean they will advise you to others if you took too long to complete it.

But if you offer a fast response, clients are still willing to recommend your brand even if you did not provide a solution.


Some people will be willing to advise your brand only if they can get something in return. Can you blame them?

Clients love getting free stuff and discounts. Come up with a client referral program that rewards your current clients for spreading the word about your company.

One of the best customer referral programs I have seen is from Uber.

Here is how their program works. The client who sends the referral gets credit, and the new client also gets credit.

The rewards vary depending on time and the city, but here is an example of a $20 program:

It is a major success.

With this example, the client acquisition cost is $40. Uber is paying $20 to two clients.

Clients who use the service at least once per week spend about $94 per month on this platform. Uber holds 25% of that.

So in less than 1-2 months, the customer acquisition cost already pays for itself. It is a great strategy and increases the lifetime value of a client.

Once a new client joins, they’re likely to refer their friends as well as to try to keep getting discounts. It may seem like much money, but as you can notice from the numbers I just went through, it is well worth it.

If your referral program is worth only a few bucks, it will not get your clients excited. How much effort do you suppose them to put into a referral if you are giving them something like $7 or maybe 10% in return?

Same goes for the new client who is receiving the recommendation. But offering a $20 credit could be sufficient to get a free product or, in the case with Uber, a free ride.

Find a way to apply this idea to your company. Based on Uber’s rapid growth since inception, I am sure it’ll work for you as well.


It is necessary to get to know your clients. Do not treat them as faceless and nameless people.

Talk to them. Find out why they’re spending money at your store. For instance, let’s say you own a restaurant. When a client comes in and places a huge order, ask them if it’ is for a special occasion.

Do step forward to make them feel like you care. Maybe they are celebrating an anniversary or a birthday party. If the order is big, you could try to offer to give them a discount or free delivery.

Half of the clients who talk about brands on social media when posting about a life milestone do so to advise the brand to others.

I realize it isn’t always easy to find out information about milestones in a client’s life, especially if you’re operating an e-commerce business.

But whenever it is applicable, try your best to get as much information as possible about the purchase. This also links back to the discussion about friendly customer service.

The relevance and importance of this marketing features will depend on the industry, of course. But you can still come up with smart ways to incorporate this marketing policy into your business.

For instance, let’s say you sell clothing. A group of women comes into your shop and starts trying on expensive dresses. Teach your sales team to ask, “Is it for a special occasion?”

If you discover one of the women just got involved, do whatever you can to make them feel special without compromising your profit margins.

Based on the data I just presented to you, this will increase the chances of those clients advising your brand to people on social media.

Even if they do not officially recommend your business, look at some of the other best responses on that list:

-receive discounts;

-show brand preference;

-thank the brand.

All these posts are still positive presentation for your company. As a result, their friends and family will be more likely to try your services or products.

Here are some of the most general life events that cause clients to recommend a brand on social media:

Be aware of this if you are in an industry where these types of milestones are relevant to your business.


Now, it is time to consider outside the box and get productive.

Running promotions that encourage UGC is a great way to improve your business.


It will not cost you much money to achieve this. UGC will not take too much time on your end, and it demands very minimal effort.

But the results can be very satisfying.

With UGC, your clients will not officially be promoting your business. However, the brand exposure you will be generating is just as effective as a recommendation.

Take a look at how user-generated content influences online shoppers:

There are loads of ways you can approach this. One of my favorites is organizing contests on social media.

Use Facebook or Instagram as a marketing channel to run one of these contests. Have your clients upload videos and photos that promote your services or products.

At a specified deadline, pick the post with the most comments or likes, and award them a prize. If you make the prize worth it, you will get a high participation rate from your followers.

As a result, your brand will be presented to people who follow the clients participating in the contest. This recommends your brand to a new audience.

You can even dedicate a section of your website to user-generated content.

Let clients share stories or upload videos about their experiences with your company. It will help you get new clients in the door without crippling your marketing budget.


You can support your company in many different ways, including writing about your service or product. But nothing is viewed as trustworthy as an online review from a customer.

You will tell people your business is excellent. Customers know you will not willingly share damaging information about your brand.

Information on your website can be not enough for you to get a new client. But client reviews increase the chances of a new client buying from your brand:

Make sure your brand has a profile set up on as many review websites as possible. In addition to allowing reviews directly on your website, let your clients review your business on platforms like:



-Trip Advisor;

-Google Reviews.

The more platforms you are on, the higher your character will be. Some users trust reviews on some websites more than others.

Research shows the two most trusted review websites are the Better Business Bureau and Google. Just having an account on Yelp is not enough.

Now you need to find ways to get your existing clients to write reviews. Ask them directly. After they complete a purchasing, nicely ask them to write a review online.

Or you could go another way and give them an excuse. You can offer some promotion or a discount if they write a review for your brand online.

Just make sure you are not soliciting good reviews. Make it clear you are just asking for a review, and hope it is a good one.


To keep client acquisition costs low, you need to come up with some creative marketing strategy. Making detailed changes to the ways your business operates can get your existing clients to recommend your brand to others. Start with easy things like customer service. Always be friendly, and respond to client inquiries ASAP. Create a client referral program that rewards your current clients for recommending you as well as your new clients for trying your brand out.

Help your clients celebrate significant milestones and events in their lives. Encourage USG, and make it simple for your clients to review your business online. If you follow these tips, your current clients will be recommending your business to new ones, expanding your customer base.

How are you leveraging recommendations from your existing clients to keep your customer acquisition costs low?




Social media is not going away anytime soon. We are as connected to our mobile devices as ever, for worse or for better. The days of Facebook’s dominance aren`t over. However, we see a new generation of players that end up either crashing or flourishing into the next Snapchat or Instagram. For users, new social media offers an avenue for self-expression, personal branding, and global networking.

Every day more and more businesses involve in social media marketing, but many forget a vital component for success: identifying the correct channels to invest. It is a beneficial way to build influential brand ambassadors via a massive network of influencers. However, it lacks the more personalized vibe of a smaller social gathering. After all, your business is one of a kind— perhaps even in a niche community. Want to drill down to the exact audience that shares your passions, opinions, and ideas? How about a niche platform? Major social networks often lack the exclusivity gap. To fill that niche-specific networks have cropped up and are becoming an increasingly important part of an effective social media strategy.

Niche social networks can be seen as the icing on top of the cake—also known as your existing social media strategy. They aren`t a necessary component, but they provide marketing value to complement more massive referral marketing program goals—mainly interacting with highly targeted groups of potential influencers. Niche networks make it easy for brands to engage directly with their target audiences. By investing resources into niche networks, brands can examine marketing attempts in a few ways:

– target users who fit the perfect customer profile

– provide insights into more inclusive strategies that may prove fruitful on the major social networks

– work to deepen relationships with current customers

– research the language, attitudes, and wants of prospects to learn if they are likely to engage with a brand



Before we connected to our first friends on Facebook, we discussed pop culture, current affairs, and asked for help on forums. Take a look at the broad reach and massive user numbers on forums such as Quora. You will see that the public’s thirst for collective knowledge and wisdom remains unquenchable. Quora gained quick traction with the simple idea of creating a Q&A platform with a mission to share and grow the world’s knowledge.

Each social network has a different purpose they aim at serving. However, the primary goal is to “connect the world.” Quora does connect the world and more: it lets you query anyone about anything. Quora is a platform entirely for the sharing of knowledge. Quora’s format is question-and-answer, where you follow the topics you’re interested in. You can submit answers if you identify yourself as an expert when you create your profile. Users can “upvote” or “downvote” answers, making it so that those reading and using the feed decide on the precise answer. The social media platform has an altruistic aspect to it — users are strangers who want to help each other and provide the community with correct answers.

Quora is not different from other social media sites. Quora is also nothing without audience engagement like any other website. It`s up to the users who create a specific image of the website in mind of the other prospective users. It is tough being a “nobody” in any industry, but networking with the smartest and most famous of the bunch is an excellent way to increase your visibility. Quora provides you with the opportunity to connect with specialists—not only on Quora but also on their social network, depending on how many of their social networks they attached to their profile.

For marketers, Quora is a great way to find out what issues are puzzling current and potential user base. Use this information to plan the direction of future content. By answering Quora questions related to your industry, you can demonstrate your expertise in the space and improve your company’s brand image. Most importantly, you can influence people to start thinking about the problem in a new way—one that considers your product niche.

All of this can make discussion forums such as Quora great places to go for in-depth customer research and brutally honest opinions. These networks can be excellent resources for market research. Done right, you can also advertise on them, though you’ll need to be careful to keep your ads and posts separate. What more would you demand out of a social network that lets you waste time productively?



Imagine there is a network devoted to the kind of products or services you provide, such a network could be a great place to engage with your audience and build brand awareness. There are such networks called interest-based networks. They take a more targeted approach than the big social networks do by connecting with others around a shared interest or hobby. While there are groups and forums on other networks devoted to these interests, focusing completely on a single area of interest enables these networks to deliver an experience tailor-made for the wants and needs of the people and communities sharing that interest.

Goodreads is the great example of one of these niche social media platforms. There readers share their favorite books with other users, join reading groups, and connect with their favorite authors. Goodreads allows members to connect with fellow readers and share reviews and suggestions on what’s hot in the literary world. As it is a social network, it`ll work better when you connect to people with similar reading interests. Goodreads has elements of other social networking platforms. For readers, Goodreads brings the advantages common throughout social media: building communities, reducing isolation, and connecting people who would otherwise never meet.  Its members post books they read, books they are currently reading, and books they want to read. Members “follow” and “friend” each other, are notified of new postings, and gather to form book clubs according to the book genres.

What Goodreads has to teach other entrepreneurs are not the specific forms as much as the values that should drive these forms. They are the strengthened producer-consumer connection, the consumer as a producer, an emphasis on craft, and a breakdown of economic hierarchies. If your customers and social audience share a common interest, an interest-based network can be a good place to keep up with current trends among fans of your industry or its products.

Only you can decide which of the various social media networks out there is right for you and your business, but those we listed can be tailored to almost any business and are worth your social media budget.



Custom Wood Furniture – Los Angeles – Orange County

Are you looking for craftsmanship, quality, detail, uniqueness? UfmDesigns provides Los Angeles, all of California and the United States with high-end custom furniture. We practice in all types of Custom Wood Furniture work. We have worked with many stores, architects, designers, and homes of every state. UfmDesigns is attentive to detail and understands the unique quality of every home and business.

Custom wood furniture can anticipate a lot of things. At UfmDesigns, it says we perform it easy to get precisely what you want. If our wide variety of stocked options for a particular product aren’t your style or don’t fit your area, that’s where custom comes in. No space is too tricky to solve with the help of custom furniture. Our direct relationships with American manufacturers make customizing affordable, simple, and quick.

Please visit our site and let us help you with your design plans. We Do Not outsource our business, we work quickly, efficiently, and with skill in the world of Custom Wood Furniture.

One of the top features we aim to present our clients with is a unique range of custom furniture, varying in materials, sizes, and finishes, all in addition to the ready-to-ship items that we have previously hand-made and ready to go (all unique in their own right of course). When you are holding of re-decorating or re-designing, uniqueness is one of the top conditions we hear asked from our clients and from the interior designers who partner with UfmDesigns. With ready furniture from large cable stores (like a Pottery Barn or West Elm), they produce more than one item of the same design which although the parts can be alluring, they leave little to the (unique) imagination.

Along with thoughtful design, quality is also a top priority at Rotsen Furniture. Custom Furniture is only able to stay sound for years to come if the variety of the stuff is taken into the story from the start. We only use real, authentic wood (that we source ourselves from places like California and Brazil) and never skimp by using imitation product or anything of lesser quality like laminate or plywood.

To get a real idea of our process and for a closer look inside the UfmDesigns to see how three of our custom furniture pieces are built.

Custom Cabinets & Bookcases
Design your space solution to fit your requirements and space, large or small perfectly. Four of our most simple bookcase and storage collections are open with custom choices. Pick the materials, dimensions and your perfect mix of inserts: cabinets, drawers, shelving and more (ahem, wine racks).

Custom Upholstery
Upholstery is our umbrella name for any item of furniture you want to cozy up to (think sectionals, sofas, ottomans, chairs, beds, and benches and stools). When you fall in love with a beautiful sofa or get your dream bed, you can take from the stocked fabrics or customize any upholstered piece with any other material, and any leather piece in any of our leathers. Once you agree into a particular product, you can easily see how it will look in your selection of fabric or leather by clicking your desired color swatch, which drapes your choice over the item. Give the device a try on any of those custom furniture sofas and sectionals, for instance.

Custom Tables & Desks
Offered in an exceptional selection of materials and styles, our custom dining tables, desks, end tables and outdoor tables are made to your dimensions to the correct inch. Select your depth, width, and height to produce just the size you want then pick from a full type of wood, stone or glass top options.

Table diameters start as small as seven inches and can go all the way up to 120 inches, depending on your overall table dimensions. See all custom by-the-inch table choices.

Custom Rugs
Customize a rug to match your individual space. Most of our mats can be made-to-order in the length and width that’s just right for your room. Round and rectangular sizes are both available for customization. As long as your rug length is greater than or equal to your coveted width, you are good to go!

Custom Mirrors
Create a mirror that shows your style. Pick a finish, size, and shape in leaning or wall-hanging designs from our four most popular collections.

We understand your home and furniture should be an extension of your lifestyle, so why pay when you can get exactly what you need? Search online tools or stop into any UfmDesigns store to chat with a Design Associate about how to shop for your custom furniture.




Apple recently confirmed that it slows the production of some iPhones because their older batteries are weak to correctly power devices raises a lot of problems for iPhone owners. Should they pay to get their batteries restored? If so, what is the best way to do it? Learn more about iPhone Battery Replacement in this article.


Whatever the fact, many iPhone owners are confused. Several have filed claims alleging that Apple (AAPL, -0.68%) beat them by failing to disclose that it would slow phones—all in a dishonest attempt to get them to buy newer iPhones.


Apple has apologized for how it’s delivered to the public about Batterygate, and denied that it would “do anything to deliberately shorten the life of any Apple product, or diminish the user action to drive consumer upgrades.”


To make friends with customers, the corporation also reduced the price of restoring out-of-warranty iPhone batteries to $29 from $79.

The whole topic is frustrating for many iPhone owners. Here’s our example of what you should know.




It’s all about the batteries. Apple announced that the lithium-ion batteries that power the iPhones decrease over time, causing smartphones to quickly turn off despite giving that their batteries still have some charge left in them. For instance, an iPhone battery with a 20% charge waiting may be weak to power the machine (especially if it has multiple apps running simultaneously). Alternatively, it may shut down.

As Fortune’s Jeff Roberts especially experienced in Dec. 2016, having an iPhone abruptly shut down can be significant pain, mainly when using mobile mapping apps to drive in different city streets. For the record: Cold weather also briefly weakens iPhone batteries.

To deal with the difficulty, Apple published last year an update to its iOS software to fix the issue of iPhones suddenly turning off. The update slowed the overall appearance of iPhone so as not to overload its battery. In other information, you end up trading performance for security. iPhone Battery Replacement is easy with Rocketfix.




  1. Go to Settings > Battery
  2. Tap on Battery Health
  3. You will see what the ‘maximum capacity’ of you battery is – this is a test of your battery position relative to when the battery was brand-new. `The lower your iPhone, the lower this number. Apple information that “Lower capacity may result in fewer hours of usage between charges.”
  4. Below that is evidence of the battery’s ‘Peak Performance Capacity.’ If your iPhone battery is running well, you will see a message that “Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance.”
  5. However, if your iPhone has encountered an unexpected shutdown because the battery was inadequate to deliver peak power, Performance Management may have been used – and if that is the problem, you will see a note that: “This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was weak to deliver the required peak power. Performance control has been applied to help stop this from happening again.
  6. Next, to the earlier statement, you will see Disable… If you hit on the option, you can end the performance of your iPhone from being throttled, although you may encounter an unexpected shutdown next time the battery is under pressure.
  7. You may see an extra warning that “Your battery’s health is significantly diminished. An Apple Authorized Service Provider can replace the battery to recover capacity and full performance.”

It is likely that your battery may have a weak capacity but that the Performance Management has not been applied. This may indicate only that you have not been in a place where an unexpected shutdown could have taken place. But, if you were to play a graphically intensive game, while the battery was below 20 percent, the frame could be triggered.


If you see a note that your battery strength is degraded, you can proceed to use your phone, but you may experience decreased charge capacity and some small stability problems while your battery is on lower charge. Having your battery seen to by an approved service technician is the best way to move, which may occur in getting a new battery or having your modern one fixed if there are any problems.


Here are some pointers that your iPhone might need a new battery: dimmer backlight than usual; lower speaker volume; stuttering screen when scrolling; frame-rate reduction in some game apps; and longer app-launch times.


If AppleCare covers you, then you can have your battery replaced at no additional cost, assuming it currently only holds 80% or less of its original charge.


If you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you change for Apple’s battery replacement program, whereby the company will replace your battery for £25 during 2018. However, wait events are currently long, so we suggest that you wait until later in 2018 before getting your battery changed – but do not miss the deadline.




When Apple’s software happens to save your iPhone battery, apps running on the device may take hard to open and run more gently (scrolling web pages may take more time, for instance). Your iPhone may also automatically dim itself and reduce its speaker volume. However, Apple said that its new battery updates should not hurt the performance of some key iPhone innovations like the ability to make cellular calls, use GPS, or buy things accepting Apple Pay.




Apple has announced that the battery software update it issued a year ago changes the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE. Apple also said that it implemented that battery tweak to the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus into an iOS update in December. The organization said it plans to continue the upgrade to other products in the future, meaning newer models of the iPhone like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X may get related tweaks.




New iOS updates Apple intends to release this year should give people more knowledge about their iPhone Battery Replacement. If you cannot stand the wait, you can download the Geekbench 4 iPhone performance-monitoring app from Primate Labs, which announced an investigation about the battery obstacles in December.




The simplest way to get a new battery is to record an interview at your nearest Apple store’s Genius Bar. Depending on the time of the wait list and availability of replacement batteries, the method could take hours or days. If you instead mail your phone to Apple, require a roughly five-to-nine day wait. Contact us for iPhone Battery Replacement in Los Angeles area.




Avoid cold weather, if feasible, since that can change battery performance. Apple says that iPhones are created to perform best at 62° to 72° F (16° to 22° C). Avoid giving your iPhone out in the sun too, as temperatures over 95° F (35° C) can destroy the battery.




Entrepreneurs/artists are a rare class. Many things set them apart including dedication and independence, a willingness to take risks. However, one crucial quality stands out when we consider the shared characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. They all see the world differently and find creative, innovative ways to solve ways to solve difficulties.

Unfortunately for most of us, creativity usually feels like it is hiding just around the corner and you cannot reach it. To a reasonable extent, you have to let inspiration and creativity come to you. The more you follow it, the less success you may have in finding it.

Part of the problem is a work-life balance. Many entrepreneurs/artists often do not pay enough attention to their mental or physical well-being. They work many hours, eat whatever they can find, and finish tasks under stressful conditions. It is a recipe for burnout. The state of mind that allows you to find inspiration becomes more elusive if you are not addressing your requirements along the way. Here are various ways to switch things up and take yourself into account for a change that will help you find inspiration for creative new approaches.


Write everything down: laughably terrible ideas, bad ideas, good ideas, dreams, random musings, etc.. Putting your thoughts on paper makes it easier to go back and find the stroke of genius. It also helps you to understand a little bit about how your brain works.


Nearly every successful entrepreneur/artist reads voraciously when they are not working. More importantly, they read blogs, books, and papers covering subjects outside their industry to extend their knowledge and discover new relationships.


The real space around us has a surprising influence on thought processes. Spending time brainstorming away from the desk can be surprisingly effective. If you are a home entrepreneur/artist, start working at various independent local cafes each time you work away from home.


Traveling is an excellent way to see how the rest of the world lives. You can get inspiration from seeing new ideas of doing things or discovering needs you did not know existed.


Sometimes it just takes a different viewpoint. Sites like Reddit or Quora can be great resources to get input from experienced entrepreneurs/artists.


Maintaining your body with a physical task can stimulate your mind. Take yourself away from thoughts about the past and future and focus on a physical task that exists only at the moment. Plus, staying fit helps you to be more alert and concentrated.


Spend some time away from the telephone, social media or anything else that pulls you away from the problem at hand. You do not have to be on an airplane to put your device on airplane mode.


Do not let any concept slip by without being examined, tested and turned on its head.


Get enough sleep, take a vacation, do what it takes to get in the right place for yourself. Once you are there, creativity will come more naturally.


Looking for inspiration from successful entrepreneurs/artists is an excellent idea, but low-level employees might have just as much insight.


Sometimes our failures can set the stage for our grandest successes. As Steven Tyler said in a famous Aerosmith’s song, “You have got to lose to know how to win.”


For that moment, allow something to be imperfect. Start acting, even if that means going forward with a concept that is not refined just yet.


Sit and meditate, be attentive for a moment. Be alone with yourself. Focus on your breath, and you may find inspiration come to you instead of the other way around like it did for Don Draper.


Sometimes listening to new music can trigger your brain’s creativity. Sometimes that might work where silence fails.


Maybe your struggle for inspiration is a characteristic of a deeper issue. Are your efforts being concentrated in the right direction?


Spend time brainstorming without examining your ideas. Throw out everything and anything, then go back later to see if anything makes sense.


The internet is the world’s most significant and most diverse library. Sometimes letting yourself be drawn down a pathway of links and pointless searches can take you to a new and fascinating concept.


History is full of great thoughts. What is more, it often contains the processes and the influences behind those great concepts. Following the creation of great minds in the past can help you find new clarifications in the present.


Take classes in your free time, read scientific articles and listen to lectures. The more you learn, the more opportunities you have to make connections and discover new concepts.


Think about obstacles you encounter on a day-to-day basis. What disappoints you, and how could you potentially remove that frustration?


Paint. Write poetry or fiction. Play an instrument. Improving your artistically creative side can help you find inspiration for creating business plans.


Try your best and surround yourself with people intelligent than you. They’ll push you to come up with new concepts and help you refine them into practical applications.


Sometimes a lack of motivation can come from working on too many projects. Cut out trivial tasks and concentrate on solving one problem at a time.


If you cannot find a creative solution to a big problem, start by working on smaller issues. Take the hills first, build some momentum, and then you might be ready for the mountains.


Anyone can have one good concept. Unfortunately, you need a lot of good thoughts to make a business work.

The best entrepreneurs/artists relentlessly follow up on their first thought and keep picking away at new problems for as long as it takes.


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